Sunday, December 4, 2011

30 weeks.

100th post at 30 weeks!

My poor second baby! If I wasn't chasing a cutie toddler around all day I'm sure I would have many more posts about this pregnancy. So, we'll just do a recap here at 30 weeks and call it good. :) Poor baby!

  • This pregnancy has flown by. I swear I found out I was pregnant, and grew a huge protruding belly over night! Only 10 more weeks to go until we have a baby.
  • We are soooo excited to meet our boy, but I am a wee bit nervous to see how it will all work out. Rowan has become a bit of a momma's boy and loves to be with me all the time. We have been working on having some alone playtime during the day and "Mommy Mornings" on the weekends (where I get to lock myself in the bathroom for as long as my heart desires and Dan the Man takes over). I love that part!
  • I have been craving a lot this time around! MILK!! I could drink a gallon a day. I also have been wanting cereal in the mornings. This really is amazing because I'm typically a steak and eggs....or Chinese food....kinda breakfast eater. :) I have also been wanting a Cafe Rio pork salad EVERY.DAY. Luckily I limit myself... to every other day...just kidding! Maybe one a week, OK twice a week. Baby needs it right!?
  • Second pregnancies seems to take a larger toll on the bod. I ache, I'm tired. and have grown an exorbitant amount of veins... :/
  • Baby was pretty quiet for a long time, but now has no trouble kicking my ribs and bladder simultaneously. Oh JOY!
  • Rowan is in love with my belly. If I ask him where is baby, or brother, or baby J he will lift up my shirt, give my belly a raspberry and hug and love on it. I think he gets it...a little. We spend a lot of time talking about babies and practicing being gentle with them. He loves our little neighbor girl who is 8 months old and will bring her her paci and bottle without being prompted. I think I have a helper. I hope!
  • We sure love this babe already and can't wait to meet him. I have a feeling the next 10 weeks are going to fly by.
And for the record here's the belly: