Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mid-summer recap.

We had big plans this summer of swimming, activities, outings and playdates. We hit it hard the first few weeks and had a ton of fun. By the beginning of July we were a bit exhausted, and thinking of sending the kids to daycare... Haha! Luckily we found our second wind and the fun continued...

These are the faces of summer: MUD FIGHT!

Ro learned the art of jumping in the pool and in doing so, scaring his mother!  I will occasionally take the plunge with him so see what all the fun is all about! He is a little fish and does AWESOME  fearlessly swimming. 

Only Jo would try out my super awesome, pinteresty, ocean bath!

Mommy had an awesome time at Auntie Marissa's birthday weekend at Star Pass. We ate, relaxed and talked until the sun went down! The boys love her so much. 

Daddy and Uncle Josh surprised their wives and decided to play touch rugby this summer. It turned out to be awesome and their team won the whole tournament. Who knew!? The boys loved going to the games. They climbed trees and bleachers, and watched the trains zoom by. 

Both the boys took swim lessons at Sunshine Swim School and had the best teachers. JoJo clung to mommy in the water like a koala bear, so he only did one session (we'll try again when he's older), but Ro took to it like a fish. We did two sessions and by the end of it he was at the BLUEgill level (which he was SO excited about).  Miss Kenzie had him swimming across the long length of the pool, diving to the bottom, and the doing beginnings of a back stroke. 

Up next: The Fourth of July!