Wednesday, September 4, 2013


What do you do when you just can't stand the heat of the summer anymore? Head up to Prescott/Sedona for a couple days. Although it wasn't that much cooler than Tucson, we still felt refreshed and rejuvenated being there! 

The drive up was great! 4 hours seems like nothing after getting used to the 12 hour Utah drive!
Rowan's famous stank face!
I seriously want to eat his little "neck nibblits"! (What we call his little double chin)

The downtown area is so beautiful. Danny was ready to move! We explored for a while and found a yummy pizza joint right by the town center. 

We headed to Sedona on our second day eager to have fun at Slide Rock, but the 2 mile long wait to get in made us change directions! We parked on the side of the road, and climbed down to a perfect little river! I love when a change in plans turns out to be better than the original idea!

The one picture of Daddy! He swam across the river and climbed this rock face to explore. Ro swam across the whole river by himself to join Dad! Gave me a little heart attack...even with a life vest!

This spontaneous trip was the perfect way to settle our restless souls!
Love my tiny LamFam.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Ro started preschool this August. It was definitely bittersweet. I sure miss my boy, but am really enjoying some alone time with Jonah that I have NEVER had! The boys enjoy each other so much more when they have some time apart. So three mornings a week we drop brother off, and go hang. It seems like in the blink of an eye we are back to pick him up! 
Ro loves his teacher and runs to her every morning with a smile smile and hug. Everyday his cubby is filled with paintings. The curriculum is very child directed, which I love. They chose which activities interest them, and Ro almost always chooses painting over the structured art activity. 
He has had really good behavior so far, but as I picked him up Friday I could hear his little high pitched voice from down the hall. When he gets excited, he tends to repeat a funny phrase over and over...especially if he's getting laughs from other kids. For example, at dinner with his cousins he kept yelling "Get that corn outta my face!" (from Nacho Libre)...his cousins think it's hilarious so it goes on forever and ever. Anyway, at pick up time I could here him yelling "Good eye!". This little group of boys thought it was funny, so he kept going and going even into ending circle time....oops. I heard his sweet teacher say, "Now Rowan, do you know that you are yelling?" and "Let's take a deep breath". "I'm feeling frustrated!". Lol! I felt so bad for her! We are going to work on fixing that at home! Haha.

Stinky face!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby shower.

Way back when I threw a baby shower for my sis! She is going to be having twin girls any day later than 2 weeks! I can't tell you how excited I am for girls. I mean I love my boys, but it is so fun to play with frills, lace and PINK! Bree isn't into the super girly-ness of it all, so I tried to keep the shower "classy-pink". It was really hard to not go over the top! I didn't really have a theme, but kept it a pinks, yellows, grays, chevron, vintage kind of thing! I had so much fun.


I seriously couldn't have done it without Chelsea! She was my right hand woman, scaling ladders, taking pictures, collecting trash. I love you Chels. You are an amazing friend! Also, my sister-in-law Amy let me raid her house and take anything I wanted! Half the decorations are from her home! And to my mom for funding this little adventure...definitely couldn't have done it without you. I love my fam!!

Can't wait to meet my new nieces.