Monday, October 29, 2012

Two buggies.

These two sweeties are starting to feel the cousin love. They are only 3 months apart and I am so excited to see them grow up together. 

Baby Jo. Baby Tens. 

Love this little series!

Sooooo much cuteness!!!


Best Purchase of the Year...

 We seriously love our zoo membership. Whenever we have a spare day, it's off to the zoo we go! Ro is obsessed with elephants, or ehfants as he likes to call them. He is in love with the whole elephant exhibit at Reid park, especially the fake elephant bum they have by the can just imagine. ;)


We even saw the panther move the last time we were there. That is big stuff people!!


Punkilins photo shoot.

I brought the boys to Trader Joe's with me and they had the cutest little "pumpkin patch" area. You know what that means...impromptu Halloween/pumpkin/Fall photo shoot time. I love sweet moments like these.

I was cracking up at these pictures when we got home. What it takes to get a good picture of two little boys! If only the blog came with sounds effects...It'd be something like "ROWEY, JOJO, LOOK UP HERE, WEEEEEEEEEEE, BUZZZZ BUZZZZZ, AHHHHHHHCHOOOOOO, ZZZZIIIIIIIPPPPP, HHII-YYAA!". I officially reach my maximum crazy mom level when trying to get both my boys to smile for pictures!

"Hi momma. I cute and about to eat this straw." 

"Dis punkin smell gooooood." 

"Aaaaaa-pwain!" -Ro  (Airplane! Ro all you non-Rowanese speakers out there.)
Jonah wanna eat dat punkin.

"Whoooooooooa! Moooooooon." -Ro
Jonah wanna eat dat straw.

"Was dat mama?" -Ro                     

My favorite of the bunch. 


Love you babies!


Happy times at Agua Linda Farms.

I think I found my happy place when we visited the Agua Linda Farms Fall Festival.  It was quite a drive to get there, but oh so worth it. Higher elevations = cooler temps. It was amazing. I seriously died and went to hippie farm Heaven. I was ready to dread my hair and harvest the corn baby! So glad we got to meet some Lams there. We missed Quint and Amy who were driving back from Disney!!

Can you just feel the good vibes!? Definitely a new Lamoreaux tradition.

Fall 2012.

Well, here in AZ we haven't had fall like weather yet, but I'm still hopeful it will come. Saturday is supposed to get down to 80. Wahooooo. In order to compensate of the lack of fall weather outside, we have been doing lots of fall-like activities. We have been crafting up a storm here in the Lamoreaux casa. much crafting as a 2 year old can do!

I give you...

spooky ghosts.

(so wish I got a better picture!)

painted pumpkins.

And painted babies. 

This last craft happens to be my favorite. I obsess over this cute baby pumpkin body and had to commemorate! I tried so hard to get Ro to let me paint his belly like a pumpkin (I even bribed with a cupcake...) but he wouldn't come near me! Ha!! Who can blame him!?


Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've figured out that's it's always about the small things in life...especially with babies. Rowan was soooo proud of himself for creating this tower all by himself. I could see his little confidence grow as he stood back to admire his hard work. Be proud baby!!! You are a star!

Wish the pictures were less blurry! He just couldn't hold still while he said "cheeeeeeeeeeese"!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Momma's special day.

I'm officially 26 and well into my mid twenties. What can I say about getting older...I LOVE IT! I truly feel that I'm growing into my grown up self: a confident, strong woman! I find myself really not caring about what others think of me too much. Maybe that's a mom thing!! Now I have to do some embarrassing mom stuff! ;)
Danny had some surprises up his sleeve for my birthday dinner. He insisted on making me food an spent forever secretively looking up recipes and going back and forth to the store. Turns out he had cafe rio up his sleeve!!! Wahoooooo. Cafe rio pork salad is my favorite meal in the world and my sweet boy did it all. He even researched the best place to buy tortillas in Tucson. How cute is that. It was amazingly delicious!!!!
The next day we went to the Cheesecake Factory with my dad and I did some birthday shopping. I had a great birthday and really felt special!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A horse named Jonah.

Poor little brother. I think that one day Jo could very well be bigger than Ro and will get revenge.
Ride that pony, pony!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

8 months.

My little boy is 8 months old. What?! It can't be!! I was so excited for Rowan to reach each new stage but with Jonah I want him to stay an 8 month old baby forever! Anyway, here are the things we love about Jonah at 8 months:
He is the happiest baby in the world.

No teeth yet, but has a bottom tooth ready to pop through any minute!

Loves to snuggle his momma.

Always climbs on daddy's face in the mornings while dad is still sleeping...

Loves big boy food: bananas, bread, pizza... Seriously!

Wakes up once a night (just like brother did till 1 yr!)

Army crawler!!!

He can get just about anywhere now a days and I always seem to find him eating something... Old food, bits of plastic... You name it! Yuck!!

Loves to chase balls around the tile floor.

Screams whenever anything is especially awesome!

Loves his brother and thinks he is the funniest thing to ever walk the earth!

Not a day goes by where I DON'T get a comment about how cute Jonah is or how awesome his hair is.

We all seriously love this boy! He's a sweetie showstopper!


Jonah was just minding his own business at the library the other day when he got stolen away from his momma. I dont blame her! Who can resist those cheeks?? And....I'll take free babysitting wherever I can find it! ;)

Full house.

We opened up Momma Lamoreaux's Friday Date Night Daycare last Friday and had a blast. Josh and Elaine brought Maya and Darcy over before their date and last minute we got to have sweet Molly over too. Her momma is a sweet friend from church and when she asked I jumped at the chance to watch her. I love having girls over to balance out the testosterone levels... We ate dinner, danced ( a lot), played teacher of the black lagoon (naturally), played birthday and baby doll, had storytime and to finish off, a karate-off. This last one was Dan's idea and quite a hit. :) We had a blast an even got a break from our normal parental duties. Maya fed Jonah and Darcy gave him a bath. Score!!