Saturday, February 23, 2013

A busy Saturday...

This was a busy, fun, productive, stressful day and so I must document it. :)

Wake up.
Snuggle while finishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone left over from the night before.
Drop off storage at Nana's.
In and out for lunch.
Wreck it Ralph at cheap seats (Amazing.)
Target errands run.
Jonah Nap.
More cleaning.
Decorate for Easter.
Hot tubbin'.
Eat yummy dinner.
Happily collapse with the knowledge that I will rest maƱana!

Friday, February 8, 2013

My one year old.

What we love about Jonah at 12 months:
  • He is happy!!! Except from 5 pm to 7 pm...
  • 3 teeth on the bottom, 2 more waiting to come through on top.
  • Loves food!! Can devour as much as his brother which is alot. 
  • Favorite foods: SPAGHETTI, black beans, peas, cheerios, eggs, any fruit, Ritz, any form of a noodle dish!
  • He loves to look at me and say Mamamamamamama. I'm pretty sure he knows that's my name!
  • Adventurous!!
  • Very close to walking. He still needs our support, but is slowly gaining confidence to take a few steps.
  • Loves to pat momma's back when I pat his.
  • Laughs SO hard when being tickled or seeing something funny.
  • Loves to copy blowing raspberries.
  • Will clap, wave bye bye, give a high five or give kisses if I ask him to.
  • People always comments on: his awesome hair, smile and big blue eyes. He is a show stopper.
  • Can pin brother down and loves to wrestle. 
  • Loves to nap and NEEDS to nap!
  • Starting not to cry with a babysitter.
  • Such a cherub baby with apple cheeks and chub everywhere.

Our Jonah boy is the sweetest and best baby we could have asked for. I swear he carries an extra package of joy in his back pocket because we are all always so happy when he is around. He has cemented himself such a special place in our family and ALL of our hearts. We can't seem to wipe the smiles off of our faces when he is around. His happy, joyous, sweet and loving nature is a GIFT and is contagious! Life with Jonah is good. We love you baby boy.


On his actual birthday Jonah got to open presents, eat at In and Out, and had more birthday cake!! Wahooo! We loved spending February 1 as a family of four. These boys make me smile. 


JoJo's burfday.

We made it one year! Wahoooo! We had to celebrate our sweet Jonah's first year of life, fitting of his personality, in a fun and happy way. I decided on a (sort of) balloon theme and we invited our awesome fam to join us for a little party at a park. 

The invite:

We had a ball celebrating our little boy's life and are so grateful we have our family, that we love so much, here to celebrate with us! We have built in party people for every occasion. It's awesome. And mom only had one "moment" where she thought she couldn't get it all done...pretty good! :)

The models have arrived.

Party people!

One of our games: seeing who could entertain the babies the best with bubbles! Maya got JoJo to laugh so she was the winner!

Birthday boy in his birthday hat.

He LOVED the cake.

Ro and Gavin doing what they do best; "helping" Jo with his cake! HA!

Again with the "helping"!

Party people posed as JONAH. Who would NOT want to be this cute chubby baby for a minute!?

I love them.