Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10.5 months.

What we love about Jonah at 10.5 months:
  • This baby is a love. He especially loves his momma. I call him my little koala bear.
  • He crawls like a pro.
  • He has 2 bottom teeth.
  • We still get comments on his hair every time we go out. It is pretty rad and I've decided I can't cut it again...anytime soon.
  • He goes to sleep promptly at 7, any later and he reminds us that it's past his bed time. Usually he wakes up at 5, nurses, then sleeps till around 7.
  • Loves to kissssssssss.
  • He does this funny head bump thing to other babies, and his family. Kind of like how a cat says hello; bumps foreheads!
  • Sucks in his lips like a little grandpa when he is teething.
  • Favorite foods: BLUEBERRIES, bananas, noodles, avocado, black beans, rice, tortillas, rolls, anything on the floor!
  • His favorite toys are the Wii remotes. Ugh! He also likes his new piano he got for Christmas!
  • He LOVES his lovies! Soft blankets, soft toys, soft stuffed animals. He needs something soft and lovely to fall asleep.
  • He has the most contagious laugh and is so full of joy!!
  • Body=perfection. I kiss it all day long!!
We Love you Joege, JoJo, Joey, TuTu, ChooChoo, Jonah. You are a bright shining LIGHT!


Climb to the sky.

I have so very much to blog about before I get to our Christmas posts so I better get going! Rowan has turned into a climber, just like his Daddy. It sure gives me a heart attack, but I'm trying to do better at letting him explore...safely... We went to our favorite park the other day and Ro asked if he could ppplease climb the big tree. He got up there and said "I climb the sky!" We laughed and said go for it bud!!

 Hold on tight baby boy. When did he get so big?!

Baby Jesus.

Look what Rowan "made" in nursery last Sunday! I love it. What creative nursery workers.

On a side note: Rowan is in lovvvvvve with nursery after a few months of bad separation anxiety. We can hardly get him to come home!


I just loved these little notes maya wrote for each of her cousins on Christmas. We will cherish it!
"To Rowan, Merry Christmas. I love you because you're my cousin!" Love, maya

What a treasure!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Good effort...

I wonder who's chore it is to put away the silverware.... He does it as fast as he can so he can get back to playing. Think we'll have to have a talk about quality work... :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A child's prayer.

Rowan said his first solo prayer tonight and I had to write it (type it) down right away. I never want to forget sweet moments like these. Ro has been repeating our words for family prayer for some time but tonight I asked him if he wanted to say it all by himself. He said "Yes!". It went something like this..." Fader (father), go-man (thank you) thsgdndkdmand church, dhaunfkdjsms help us, djdjdlsmsbajdn, dada, djdkdhsbdn joege (Jonah), fjsmakanzb mama, shandlfnsjs bed sweep (sleep), Jesus chwist, amen!" I cried. Even though most of it was unintelligible it was the sweetest prayer to ever fall upon my ears. My baby.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012.

We had a simply wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this year. I love when celebrations make you feel so happy and full of holiday cheer!
We woke up bright and early to watch the Macy's parade. We thought about how were were right there watching it in NYC last year! It seems like just yesterday. We made a yummy breakfast and were happy to eat and enjoy that time with Papa Eric. 

Bellies were rested.

We headed over to Q and A's in the afternoon where they truly out did themselves! The house was decorated to the nines (including birthday decor for our Lainey Lam), and the feast was ready to go. Quint made an amazing turkey by the way. Way too good for a first timer!! Nana and Papa Lamoreaux,  and even Sean came to visit! It was so good to have us all together. 




As I've said before the Zoo is our go to hang out. We love it! Check out this photo Dan got on baby girl Tenley on our last visit. I just about melted!

The equally as cute/sweet/wonderful boys:


Good boy outting.

When Ro is a really good boy and daddy happens to be home to watch Jo, he gets to grocery shop with momma. This is a big deal for this little boy as momma's favorite grocery joint has baby carts for BABIES! :p He LOVES it and it's a great reward for good behavior (I've got to use this trick more!).

Movers and Shakers.

The boys just finished 6 weeks of Movers and Shakers classes at the Rec center. Even though its a little tricky doing classes with both boys (no siblings are allowed in the gym when they are not in class), I'm so glad we did it. Papa Eric got to hone his babysitting skills and I had a blast having individual time with each boy (running around and playing like a mad woman). Jonah loved crawling through the tunnels and Rowan's favorite time was when they brought out the red motorcycles and whenever he could run/jump/gallop to his heart's content. The structure for each class was the same for both boys. Opening exercises, play time, parachute. We absolutely loved it and are going to sign up again in January!! Eeeek!!

Look alike.

Our nativity camel looks oddly familiar, no?! I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I looked at one of my play partners and it all came together. Jojo the nativity camel. That hair!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


These boys light up our lives. They are so incredibly cute with one another and have a strong bond that I wasn't expecting to develop this early. I figured once they were out of toddlerhood, they'd really connect as friends, but these boys play, wrestle, laugh and chase one another all day. Rowan can't wait to get Jonah out of his crib the minute he hears him wake up and nothing makes Ro laugh more than Jonah crawling after him around the house. Ro's go-to line now is "Jonah funnnnny!". Me and my closest sister are still 7 years apart so I wasn't really sure what to expect with babies 21 months apart, but it has been the biggest joy of my life. There is nothing like seeing your two babies love each other so much! Makes those first hard 6 months worth it. 



I really love Halloween. What better way to kick off the holiday season than dressing up and eating candy? Perfection. Rowan loved visiting his Poppa Eric and Trick or Treating with his Lamoreaux cousins this year. These kids made out, each with a bucket full of awesome candy. Ro did great going up to each house and saying TWEET (treat)...this kid has everything figured out. No tricks necessary. :) 

2012 Costumes:

Buzz Light Year

Dino baby/Rex/Dragon(what Ro called Jo)

All the Lamoreaux boos. 
(Taylor Swift, Spidey, cutest kitty ever, Batman, Princess, Dino, Buzz).
We were cracking up at how cute and funny these kids are. Gavin was especially entertaining! Anytime someone would say "Oh look it's Batman!", Gavin would lift up his mask and say "No it's me Gavin!".  Precious boy!!!


Smile! See you next year Halloween!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Two buggies.

These two sweeties are starting to feel the cousin love. They are only 3 months apart and I am so excited to see them grow up together. 

Baby Jo. Baby Tens. 

Love this little series!

Sooooo much cuteness!!!


Best Purchase of the Year...

 We seriously love our zoo membership. Whenever we have a spare day, it's off to the zoo we go! Ro is obsessed with elephants, or ehfants as he likes to call them. He is in love with the whole elephant exhibit at Reid park, especially the fake elephant bum they have by the can just imagine. ;)


We even saw the panther move the last time we were there. That is big stuff people!!