Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10.5 months.

What we love about Jonah at 10.5 months:
  • This baby is a love. He especially loves his momma. I call him my little koala bear.
  • He crawls like a pro.
  • He has 2 bottom teeth.
  • We still get comments on his hair every time we go out. It is pretty rad and I've decided I can't cut it again...anytime soon.
  • He goes to sleep promptly at 7, any later and he reminds us that it's past his bed time. Usually he wakes up at 5, nurses, then sleeps till around 7.
  • Loves to kissssssssss.
  • He does this funny head bump thing to other babies, and his family. Kind of like how a cat says hello; bumps foreheads!
  • Sucks in his lips like a little grandpa when he is teething.
  • Favorite foods: BLUEBERRIES, bananas, noodles, avocado, black beans, rice, tortillas, rolls, anything on the floor!
  • His favorite toys are the Wii remotes. Ugh! He also likes his new piano he got for Christmas!
  • He LOVES his lovies! Soft blankets, soft toys, soft stuffed animals. He needs something soft and lovely to fall asleep.
  • He has the most contagious laugh and is so full of joy!!
  • Body=perfection. I kiss it all day long!!
We Love you Joege, JoJo, Joey, TuTu, ChooChoo, Jonah. You are a bright shining LIGHT!


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