Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Sweetness.

Being a mother is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sweet Elaine Lam always used to tell me "You were made to be a mommy". I never believed her of course, finding it easier to hide away in low self worth. BUT, now I believe her, oh yes I do. Being a mommy is what fills my soul with joy. I still have a lot of growing and learning to do, but in this moment I rejoice in the fact that I created a human being with the person I love, and that I get to nurture, love and raise that sweet little boy. I'm loving all of the parts of this journey....well actually most of the journey...I did find a pile of p**p on my floor yesterday. I thought an animal had broken into our house, but no it was just my sweet diaper-less boy. Guess we can't air out as much anymore... ;). But seriously, my heart has never felt more full and my soul more alive. I am happy.

My mother's day appreciation gift:

Exactly my style (it was even called the Emma Locket) and such a precious surprise inside. OOOoo my heart just melts.
Love you boys and thank you.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Snapshots of Easter.

In love.

The Lam babies. We make cute kids.

We loved spending the day with our families and reflecting on the true meaning of Easter.

*As soon as I have Collignon part pics all add those too :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


We wanted to have two parties for Rowey's Goldfish-themed FIRST birthday. Crazy, I know. I don't think we'll ever do it again. HA! Party #1 Tucson with the cuzzies. Party #2 Provo with more cuzzies and buddies. Both parties were so much fun and well worth it! We love our little buddy. Is he really one...OY VEY!! Ooooooooo kisses to infinity RoBug.

Rowey and baby E (his closest in age cuzzie).

Some of my girlies. Maris and Chels were in Tucson from far away, and Ash is chillin' and recovering to full awesomeness in Tucson!

DAaaaaaaaarcy! OOoooo love this buggy.

Had to included this one of Aunt Amy and Uncle Quint. SEXXXXXXY!

All the cuzzies!
Gavin, Eli, Aden, Rowan, Darcy, Maya, Tristan.

Me and Uncle Josh. We like to be cool!

Playing in the water table. It was a big hit!
Oliver, Daxon, Owen, Rowey, Zade, baby Macie (who was resting in the shade).

Party people chillin'. It was such a beautiful day we just sat outside for hours!!

My little fam. xo


We traveled to the desert a few weeks ago for some vacation time. We soaked up the sun and the fam. It was loverly.

San Xavier Mission.

Downtown Tucson beauty.

Playing at Tohono Chul.


Chillin'. Nakey.

Playing in the sand.

The Lam Fam.

Thanks Poppa C. for letting us stay with you!!! (you gotta send me the pic. of you and the boys.)

We moseyed on home stopping in the red rock area of Page, AZ. We three snuggled up tight in a king size bed in an awesome hotel, and day dreamed the whole car ride home.

Hopefully see you soon Tucson and all you Tucsonans! We miss and love you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy bees are back to bloggin'.

The past few days have been busy.

We reorganized ourselves after vacation.

Visited Thanksgiving Point to see the freshly hatched baby animals. I loved the little calf (I named her BlueBell) and the foals. They were to die for. Rowey loved the lambs, and Danny the baby goats. We loved it, and it looked something like this...
(expect imagine a small boy named Rowan)

Went to an end of the year Ward picnic resembling this...

Then to Provo Beach Resort for the some fun with our awesome neighbors and friends. Imagine this...
(again with cute Rowan in the saddle...)

Then to swim at our friend's grandparents' indoor pool (saweeeet), and watch a movie in their theater room (even sawwweeeeter!)
Something like this...

And lastly some relaxation, and soaking up of the crisp spring weather with my boys. Views like this...

I would have had personal images of all of these events had our camera not been stolen! :( BOOO! So we also got to do this...
I am bound and determine to find it, and I WILL!!

Anyway, lots of blogging to catch up on. Until the next!