Monday, September 24, 2012

My baby

Dear baby.
Please don't ever grow up. You have the most perfect, incredibly delectable chubby body I have ever seen. I love holding you, squeezing you and being your mommy. Perfection personified! I love you chubby boo boo.

Mommy and Joney September 24, 2012...while big boo takes a nap! 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jonah antics.

The king of "mischief" around here is actually my little boo jojo. Well less "mischief" more goofy-ness! I find this little baby in the most funny situations. Like that one time he found a butterfinger wrapper somewhere, sucked on it, then got it stuck under his chin...guess you can store a lot under a double chin!
I'm constantly finding food in/on random places on this boy. Like his little puffs all up in his hair.
Jo is also a major food grabber! Turned around for one minute to get brother down from climbing something I'm sure, and my pizza was stolen!
This little boo keeps us laughing all day the other day when I found him eating fluff he pulled out from a yuck. But seriously, this boy is a light!! Shine baby! We love you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hello everybody Rowey here. Im not the kind if boy that gets into too much mischief. I mean I've unrolled a couple toliet paper rolls in my day but nothing too serious. The other day I was craving some sensory play so I dumped mommy's bag of sugar on the floor just so I could touch it and push it all around the floor. Yup. Mommy wasn't very excited about my idea and made me sweep it up. Who knew sugar would be so hard to clean up?! I sorry mom... At least I'm SUPER cute when I'm trying to look innocent...

Labor day love.

I love a three day weekend especially now with school in full swing. We got to spend a lot of time with daddy and it rocked. Labor day weekend was jam packed. The highlights were my sis coming down to hang!!! We ate of course and talked talked talked. The weekend ended with a swim up in red rock. Both Ro and Jo loved the water. Ro even went to down the big slide by himself. Dan let him down laying on his back and by the time the life guard caught him at the end he was going head first, on his belly looking terrified. It was a little comical only because he looked sooooo scared and then asked to go down it again... Ummmm no. Not till you're a little older boo. The McCook's had us over for awesome food and we drove home full and happy! Until the next long weekend daddy!!