Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jonah antics.

The king of "mischief" around here is actually my little boo jojo. Well less "mischief" more goofy-ness! I find this little baby in the most funny situations. Like that one time he found a butterfinger wrapper somewhere, sucked on it, then got it stuck under his chin...guess you can store a lot under a double chin!
I'm constantly finding food in/on random places on this boy. Like his little puffs all up in his hair.
Jo is also a major food grabber! Turned around for one minute to get brother down from climbing something I'm sure, and my pizza was stolen!
This little boo keeps us laughing all day the other day when I found him eating fluff he pulled out from a yuck. But seriously, this boy is a light!! Shine baby! We love you.

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