Thursday, July 29, 2010

And laugh too!

We caught Rowey's first laugh on tape! How fun! At first I wasn't sure what it was because he wasn't smiling, but I have officially decided it was a laugh (there have been more with smiles!).


Rowey has learned to baaaaaaable! I love it! It melts my heart.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just for fun.

As soon as Ro popped out I thought, "Now that is my baby!". He had my lips, hair, and cheeks for sure. It was an instant bond. It felt like I had always known him. I still feel that way, like it has always been in our paths to meet.
3 months later he definitely has taken on more of his Daddy. I see Danny in him when he smiles...or cries! I love it. He is a wonderful mix of mommy and daddy, and oh so oh so cute.
Just for fun lets take a peek at mommy and Rowey 24 years apart...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The first installment.

Since this blog's purpose really is to document the life of my Ro Bug I thought I'd start a new set of installments, "Things we love about Ro at [insert age here]! So here we go...

Things we love about Ro at 2.5 months:
  1. He has learned to suck his hand. He will not take a paci (despite my efforts), but loves his hand particularly his chunky pointer finger.
  2. He loves to smile after he eats and is giddy in the morning. He especially loves to smile at momma, but is starting to recognize daddy too.
  3. He has the softest skin that has a lovely olive hue.
  4. He loves to blow bubbles.
  5. He can talk! :) He says "Goooooo", "Ahooooooo", and he howls quite well.
  6. He has the most beautiful blue eyes courtesy of his papa.
  7. He would rather stand with assistance than sit.
  8. He loves to say family prayer (hehe.) It's really cute.
  9. He loves nap time in his swing, but will sleep in his crib when we try that too.
  10. He sleeps in his pack 'n play at night and will generally sleep 3.5 hour stretches. He gets really sleepy at 10 /1030 each night and will sleep in until 830/9 in the morning.
  11. He loves looking at momma at night. We will stare and smile at each other in the dark while daddy sleeps.
  12. He loves to snuggle, and ride in the snuggly Moby wrap.
  13. He is a taaaaaallllll boy. All of his 3 month footie pj's are getting a little snug.
  14. He has had 2 throwing up episodes that have been quite dramatic.
  15. He loves looking at lights and fans.
  16. He is great at tummy time. He can get his head up so far! Auntie Jess says he is impersonating a loch ness monster (lovingly called Nessie!).



Last week I had my first scary mommy experience. I was changing Ro's diaper when I found something quite strange. I won't share all the gory details, but let's just say his sweet little poo was accompanied by something that should not have been there! My first call was to my mom, who in all her motherly wisdom, suggested I stay calm and call the doctor. So I did. Gosh those nurses have a way of scaring you. Don't they know new mother's are on edge as it is!? She instructed me to come in right away and bring the infamous diaper with me...gross. :) So I did. After waiting 20 minutes, that seemed like an hour, the doctor came in took a look at the poo and said, "do you eat a lot of dairy?" Why yes I do! Ice cream sundaes, grilled cheese, yogurt, sour cream...I could go on and on. "Well", she said, "no more dairy for you!". Whaaaaa?! I guess my sweet little boy's intestines are just not as strong as I had hoped. He, like a lot of babies, seems to have an intolerance for dairy products. I was SO releaved that I had not given my baby e-coli or some crazy bacterial infection that I did not even think about the whole giving up dairy thing. Motherhood is made out of sacrifice as I have come to find out, so now I just say bring it on! Given the sacrifices other mother's are forced to make this now seems like nothin. It'll be a piece of cake...minus the eggs and the milk... :)
So farewell for a year (that's the goal) my sweet
and don't forget me...
I am a Wisconsin girl after all.
I will be back in a year...or maybe 6 months if intestines are stonger...It's all about the sweetest thing in my life right now, my little Ro Bug.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet the Mormons ya'll

Ro and I watched these for a long time today. Take a might be surprised.

I thought he was cool :)

Loved her story

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A perfect momma

When Ro was born I stared at him for hours...well I still stare at him for hours, but in the beginning the staring was accompanied by so many thoughts running through my head. Oh goodness I was exploding with love and anxiety, laughs and tears. I cried every day for a week at 6 o'clock on the dot (can you say hormones!!??). Anyway, whenever he would open his eyes, I made sure his gaze met mine. His deep gray eyes would look right at me and all was well in the world. The weeks have passed quickly and we still stare. Now we stare and smile and then coo. Ooooo those melt my heart. I feel so much love. He looks at me with an eye of perfection...he thinks I am perfect...uh oh. One day my hormonal anxiety snuck in and I thought, "Oh no. When will he realize I am not who he thinks I am...I'm not perfect...". As a new mother I have such a strong desire to do everything right. I have been given this sweet boy to take care of, to guide and lead through life. What if, in my imperfection, I mess him up (for a lack of better words!)? Oh man, new mother anxiety will take you over.
I became a little too consumed and created too much pressure for myself. I quickly became tired with those icky feelings however, and decided that I want to live a life that is as free from anxiety as possible, a life that is not pressured, the life that I was put on this Earth to live. We come here to learn, to experience trials and grow from them. We will be perfect one day, but not now. Imperfection is a condition of being human, and of being a mother. My sweet husband (also a recovering perfectionist) shared this with me..."Perfection is man's (or a mother's) ultimate illusion. It simply doesn't exist in this life." Huh! So it's totally ok that i am not perfect? Oh well great! I can just go ahead living, revealing to Ro that his mother is not perfect, but she tries her best, that he is not perfect, but he tries his best, and that as long as we have our minds and hearts centered on an eternal goal we are ok!! Hooray for feeling free.

But seriously, is there anything more perfect than this?

p.s. sorry about my grammar... not perfect... :)

Just a little somthing to tide you over... :p

The blog is back!

Well, I'd say it has been a little too long since I have blogged. Sorry to all of you dedicated followers out there (my mom)! I have renewed my dedication to the blogging world in order to keep a journal of life happenings for my BABY! It's all about posterity, right!? Well, this is all I can muster up right now, but will blog again REALLY soon...I promise! xo