Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last week I had my first scary mommy experience. I was changing Ro's diaper when I found something quite strange. I won't share all the gory details, but let's just say his sweet little poo was accompanied by something that should not have been there! My first call was to my mom, who in all her motherly wisdom, suggested I stay calm and call the doctor. So I did. Gosh those nurses have a way of scaring you. Don't they know new mother's are on edge as it is!? She instructed me to come in right away and bring the infamous diaper with me...gross. :) So I did. After waiting 20 minutes, that seemed like an hour, the doctor came in took a look at the poo and said, "do you eat a lot of dairy?" Why yes I do! Ice cream sundaes, grilled cheese, yogurt, sour cream...I could go on and on. "Well", she said, "no more dairy for you!". Whaaaaa?! I guess my sweet little boy's intestines are just not as strong as I had hoped. He, like a lot of babies, seems to have an intolerance for dairy products. I was SO releaved that I had not given my baby e-coli or some crazy bacterial infection that I did not even think about the whole giving up dairy thing. Motherhood is made out of sacrifice as I have come to find out, so now I just say bring it on! Given the sacrifices other mother's are forced to make this now seems like nothin. It'll be a piece of cake...minus the eggs and the milk... :)
So farewell for a year (that's the goal) my sweet
and don't forget me...
I am a Wisconsin girl after all.
I will be back in a year...or maybe 6 months if intestines are stonger...It's all about the sweetest thing in my life right now, my little Ro Bug.


  1. I wish you luck. It's been hard for me, but it's worth it to have a healthy little boy. Remember there is milk in everything it seems.

  2. Yes I know, it's crazy! Guess I shouldn't have eaten those 2 helpings of trifle!

  3. Oh man! I would die without dairy! Good luck woman!

  4. Been there! Done that! Maya had bright green, slimy poops. It was crazy. Better within a few days of being dairy free. It is a sacrifice, but anything for baby, huh?