Thursday, January 24, 2013


The Lamoreaux Daddy's took a Daddy's only trip to shred some gnar...or something like that! They headed up to Durango for a long weekend and had the time of their lives (minus Uncle Josh who got a wee bit injured). We sure missed Daddy, but hope he gets to take this trip every year....and one day take the boys! 

 Still throwing that shaka! Hawaii forever!!


Sweetie Pie Moments.

I love sweet moments captured on camera. I hope to look back at pictures like these fondly and always remember that even though motherhood is challenging, it has provided the most sweet, loving, and incredible moments of my life. I took the advice to "get in more pictures" and I'm loving it. Mommas - one day we will be happy we have pictures of our children WITH us! So step out from behind that camera and SMILE!

Refer to the picture above if anyone wants to know the proper way to catch the flu from your child... YUCK!



5 more minutes...

Oh boy I sure do love these little faces, but sometimes a momma needs 5 more minutes...
Can I get an AMEN from all the mommas out there!?


Nap time.

And this is what nap time in a toddler bed looks like...he MUST destroy the room before it's safe to fall asleep! Ha!



Gotta love the cheesy mall Santa picture! I wasn't too sure about it, but I fell in love with this picture...I think we'll do it every year. :)


Xmas 2012.

This was the first Christmas in a long time that we haven't traveled AT ALL! And it was awesome. We also had Daddy home for a month which was also...well...AWESOME! 

First, my momma came to visit. We love having her to play, hang and eat with us! We went to the zoo to ride the choo choo on a freezing day...

 played tricks with Sam our Elf and found lots of fun presents for the boys.
Rody was a big hit! The boys both love bouncing on him. 

We loved the time we had with my mom!!

We continued the tradition of the "Enchanted Snowfall" at La Encantada. This is the most Arizona-y tradition ever. This gorgeous mall blows soap bubbles that resemble snowflakes every weekend in December! The kids go crazy!!

 On Christmas Eve our little family took a walk on the Rillito River Path and inadvertenly crossed over the "Christmas" Bridge! 

Christmas Eve was a blast with the Lamoreauxs. In keeping with tradition, we ate an incredibly yummy Mexican dinner, opened presents, and headed to Winterhaven to see the Christmas lights.

We seriously love these people and are SO incredibly happy we get to live by them!! Merry Christmas to us!

Christmas Eve night we snuggled the boys in their pj's and fell asleep hoping for Santa to come!

Oh boy did he come!!

Ro got a new bike from Santa that Poppa put together in his workshop! :)

He seriously feels so cool riding it...

What a beautiful day and Christmas season we had! I love the special spirit that comes during this time of year and I hope my children ALWAYS feel it too.

Seasons greetings.

I live for Christmas cards! Here was ours for 2012. I love that I have this moment in time captured. XO