Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ro the Hat Man Doooo!

Our little boy looks good in a hat! He is starting to have quite the collection due to a mother and mostly a grandmother who are shopping addicts...I mean experts, ya EXPERTS! One thing is for sure his sweet little pea head that we loooove (25th percentile... ;) ) will sure stay warm this winter!

(more about this one later!)
(and it's nap time.) :)

New cuzzie.

We are so excited to welcome our newest love into the family. Welcome to the world little Eli Tannamer Parmer. We love you! :)

5 months.

What we love about Ro at 5 months:
Poor thing is almost 6 months now so gotta get this post going...
Ro is a joy. Even when he is being a fuss button he is cute. He'll let out this little grunting type of cry "Ehh Ehhh Ehhh" and scrunch his nose into a fine piggy shape. It is really cute and so I just giggle at him!
He is doing really great at sitting up! All I have to do is hold his little leg and he can balance in a sitting position.
He LOVES to eat!! Oh my deary this boy is going to eat us out of house and home. He has loved everything we have given him so far...squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, summer veggies (whatever that is!), peas, rice cereal, hamburger buns, peaches and avocados. Holy moly. I am so grateful that he is such a good eater, and so willing to try new things. I hope he keeps it up!! GO RO!
Along with the solids comes a change in is definitely more eventful when we change diapers now! I just have to mention that the "getting red, pushing face" is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! ;p
Ro absolutely loves when daddy plays him guitar. Sometimes it is the only thing that will calm him down as we count down the minutes until bedtime.
We have definitely gotten on a great routine for nap/bedtime. Just read him a few books and feed him and he is out! (2 two hour naps during the day/feeding once at night with a cuddle in the morning)
He is staring to be able to stand up while holding on to something all on his own!
Love, love, love you Chubby ChooChoos!

Rowey, Zader, Owey. Cuzzies within almost a month of each other!!

My rotisserie baby. :)

Eating one of my first sewing projects!

All tucked in ready for a walk!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The sweetest thing!

Rowey just loves his Daddy to pieces. I mean, mommy's pretty cool too, but Daddy...he has it all! D can make Ro laugh like no other and he squeals with delight when they play. Ro also LOVES when D plays him music. That is the absolute best. The other morning we were having our early morning family hang-out in our bed (my fav. time) and all Rowey wanted to do was get to Daddy. I was trying to let D sleep just a little but longer, but Ro wasn't having any of that! He practically climbed up to D's face using his ears as hand holds to get to him. Then, he fell asleep on his chest. Oh my gosh, my heart melted! I had to snap away!

*PLEASE forgive the unmentionables in the background...* ;)

Hitting our stride.

I really feel like I am finally getting the hang of things, and so is Rowey. And to think it only took us 5 months! You know what, I think he must have sensed my shift in confidence and decided that he can make it nice and easy for me from here on out. Ya, that's it!! ;) This 5th month has brought many changes in the Lam Casa. RoBug has started eating solids. Waaahoooooo. Seriously. Looking back I think Ro has been ready for a while. Poor thing has a mother that deprived him of the yummy stuff. We started him on rice cereal, but he got quite plugged up (if ya know what I mean), so we decided to try some veggies and apple juice to de-plug him. It worked and we found out that Ro LOVES veggies. Must have gotten that from the Collignon side! He LOVES peas and sweet potatoes. Those are the only 2 we have tried so far and they have been a big hit with Rowey flapping his arms for more, MORE!!
Ro has also stared...DRUMROLL PLEASE...sleeping through the night (*only eating once at 2 am*)!!! Hallelujah!!!! We have been doing our sleep training routine for a month and a week back made an addition from the Farber Method. Ro had been going to bed at 7 and was waking up at 12, 2, 4, and 6. We would go in and rock him. It would only take a minute and he would go back to sleep, but we were getting pretty tired! I decided to try something new (thank you Farber). First night- When he woke up at time he was not supposed to (12am and 4am) I went in and made sure he was dry and warm, patted his little bum and left. He cried and I went in 10 mins. later. Patted his little bum again and he fell asleep! It went as well as I could of hoped! We tried this a couple of nights. One night I heard him cry at 12 am. I woke up and thought I'll give him a few minutes then go in. Well, I ended up waking up an hour later and realizing he must have fallen asleep on his own. I fed him at 2. He woke up again and 4 and cried for just a few minutes before falling back asleep. Wahoooo. From that night on he has slept the whole night through, not crying at all except for his 2 am post dinner-dinner. I think it must have been the easiest "cry it out" session ever!!! What a great baby!
He is so fun and giggly. He is growing some lovely cheeks...both sets ;)...that he definitely got from his momma. We love him dearly!

First bites! It helped that we used Daddy's Ninja Turtle Bowl. He used to eat "yayowee" (cereal) in it everyday when he was a wee little boy! :)

What are you giving me momma?! I don't know about this!

I think I like it!

We found Rowey sleeping like this one afternoon. Daddy thought it was hilarious and it made me nervous! I quickly freed his breathing passageways!

Rowey wants ANYTHING that mommy is eating/drinking. Guess that will be good later when we transition to big people food!!

* Sorry for ALL the details. I have to write them or I forgetttt!*