Friday, February 21, 2014

Gavin had a birthday shout HOORAY!

Gavin Lam turned 5! Amy threw the cutest Angry Bird Star Wars birthday party and everyone had a blast!

{Jumping castle}
{biggest angry bird pinata ever}
{yummy food}
{fun fun fun}

Danny looking so hot smashing that pinata that even the other moms were snappin' shots! Teeeeheeee!

My favorite picture of Tenley EVER!

Jo turns 2.

The baby is 2! When Rowan was 2, I thought he was such a big boy. With Jonah it's so different, he will always be my squishy baby. To celebrate our boy we filled his room with balloons, opened presents, spent the day playing at the Children's Museum and had the fam over for ice cream cake.

Morning presents: Jo got a hook doll, train tracks, Wreck it Ralph and some books.

*Happy burfday to you*
I made an ice cream cake for the first time and thought it would be a disaster since I forgot to read the "let set for a least 4 hours" part! We had a back up cake just in case, but the cake turned out ok in the end!!

Brother helped blow out his one candle!

 JoJo got spoiled with some pretty awesome present from his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles! Thank you all.

Jonah made me tear up as he went around to everyone, gave them a hug and kiss and said "TANK YOU!". He really is the sweetest boy.


Jonah at 2:
Nicknames: Jojo, Jo, Joey, Jonup, Jonut, baby, squishy
So lovable and kind. Has picked up growling from his brother, but will most likely hug or kiss you before he scares you.
Not a great sleeper...Goes to bed after Ro and wakes up before him.
Loves to eat WHATEVER momma has in her bowl.
Favorites foods are "OODLES!" (noodles) and "YOU-YULE!" (cereal).
A great talker.
Favorties are Wreck it Ralph, Hook,  Bad Guys (playmobile knights) and swords.
Loves his "abu" (blanket).
Great at playing with friends or independently.
Starting to get bashful with strangers.
Jonah is so sweet, and has such a kind nature. He also has the ability to have all three of us in stiches in the blink of an eye!
He is a BIG blessing in our family and I truly believe he came so close after Rowan for a reason. They are best friends and Jonah has helped our sweet Rowan in so many areas. We are so in love with you Jonah!