Friday, May 16, 2014

Sesame Street Live.

Momma splurged and bought a groupon for Sesame Street live! I even convinced my friend Blakelee to buy them too. Muuuahahaha! Our expectations were low, but it was really awesome! The minute the curtains raised, the boy's eyes were wide and sparkly. The only bummer was the $8 balloons they were hauking to all the kids at! It was such a fun night and Ro even got a high five from the Count!

Pima County Fair.

We had a blast at the fair this spring! Ro loved every single ride; the higher the better. Jojo loved eating fried snickers. The night was awesome, but we did stay a wee bit too late. Tenley and Jojo were a little mad at us by the end of the night! The fair is officially my favorite spring tradition!

A funny series.

My JoJo BooBoo is a goofy cheeseball and I'm so glad I caught his sillies on camera. His little arm around my neck also made my mama heart sing!

Potty trained.

Well that was a long journey! Rowan David Lamoreaux is finally potty trained! It took so much patience for us not to push and pressure, but let him figure it our on his own time. He had been doing #1 on the potty for about a year before he figured out #2. We talked about it almost everyday, then would not talk about it at all for weeks, then talk a lot again. One morning right before he turned four, he told me he went poop in the potty. I ran downstairs to check it out and sure enough, there it was! We celebrated with a toy and then a trip to Funtastiks after a week of poo poo success. Hurahhhhhh. Go Rowan!