Monday, March 31, 2014


We love to make yummy treats. We call it a success if the cake batter stays mostly in the bowl, no one gets burned, and everyone gets a lick off the beater. The boys also LOVE to watch goodies bake, and will lounge by the oven until they hear that "DING!".



I really wanted Ro and Jo to have some sort of team sport experience early on in life. Seeing as we are on a grad student's budget, I didn't think it would be wise to shell out the dough for a "real" soccer team so we made our own. I figured I played soccer long enough to be able teach 3 year olds, but I got really smart when I asked my awesome friend Michelle to be the official coach. She had years of playing experience and had coached before too. It turned out to be such an awesome experience for these kiddos. EVERY practice we would have children from around the park join in, and had parents ask who they should pay to have their kids join in. We made it a come one come all type of thing and it felt so good to have a positive team work experience for all those kids. Danny came to one practice that I helped coach and snapped some pictures.


 We all had so much fun that were going to start it back up again soon!!