Monday, July 27, 2009

The Hukilau!

Danny and I headed to our local beach for our morning run/powerwalk the other day and came across a local tradition here in Laie. It is called a Hukilau!! Big nets are brought out into the ocean by divers, a bunch of fishies swim into their path, and when it is time whoever is there gets to help reel in the catch! There were a bunch of community members at the ready to pull in the nets, so Danny and I decided to seize the moment and grab onto that rope too! It was hard work, and after a while we felt a little in the way, but I think we did our part! Anywho, cool little adventure...even if we didn't get in our run/powerwalk!

Here is a Hukilau from days gone by! We looked just like them! :p


The other night Danny and I were able to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center's NEW night show called "HAaaaaa Breath of Life". Gotta love the PCC employee discounts! The show was great!! The story of a family was followed throughout. They sort of traveled around to the different islands and a new life adventure took place for the young boy at each place...think becoming a man, falling in love, getting married, etc! The music was great and the dancing was spectacular as always. After the show I just couldn't stop saying HHHhhaaaaaaaa! I loved it :)

The show is so new that they aren't even advertising on the PCC website no pic available!
Check out this video of the oldie but goodie Horizons night show! Fire and dancing, YES please!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worker D makin' money at the PCC

By popular demand, here's a photo of polynesianized Danny on his way to work at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We dig his pink hawaiian shirt (very masculine ;) and polynesian man-skirt, aka sulu. D likes the sulu cause it provides superb ventilation in the hawaiian heat! The newest addition to his uniform is a sweet ukulele (not pictured here) that he takes to entertain his tour group with. Once he completes the look with a nice, even tan we won't even be able to recognize him as a mainlander anymore (well, the blue eyes and sandy blond hair might give it away)!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Danny and I had a magnificent 4th of July. D had to work in the morning so I did a little 4th of July cleaning (not so fun). 
We ate BBQ chicken, watermelon, and ice cream and set off to Turtle Bay Resort for fireworks. We pulled up our own little patch of comfy grass laid back and enjoyed some uke music until the fireworks started. Perfect holiday with my perfect guy :)

When we got home we set off our own fireworks, which I haven't done since I was a kid. It was a BLAST! 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tahiti, and Tonga, and Fiji, OH MY!

A couple of weeks ago (sorry about the late posting) Danny and I got to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center on his day off. He started working there 3 weeks ago and is already taking his own tour groups!! GO D!! It was nice to have my own personal tour guide for the day!! We went around to all the different villages which represent each island of Polynesia.  D says- polynesia comes from 2 Greek words; poly (meaning many) and nesia (meaning islands). Gosh darn he is full of fun facts! ;) Anywho, we had a great time. We learned how to throw spears Tongan style, weave a fish from coconut leaves, and even endured the pain of Fijian tattoos!!  We splurged on dinner and the night show to end our evening. Holy Moly that Kalua Pork is somethin' else!

I wanna see samoa that! (D's contribution to this post!)

(Whoooo! D almost won the spear throwing contest. I think he found a new calling!)

(our Tongan fishy)

(The Tahitian dancers were my fav. They could shake those booties somethin' fierce!)

(My tattoo meant queen! D thought it was fitting ;) )

(The night show)