Monday, July 27, 2009


The other night Danny and I were able to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center's NEW night show called "HAaaaaa Breath of Life". Gotta love the PCC employee discounts! The show was great!! The story of a family was followed throughout. They sort of traveled around to the different islands and a new life adventure took place for the young boy at each place...think becoming a man, falling in love, getting married, etc! The music was great and the dancing was spectacular as always. After the show I just couldn't stop saying HHHhhaaaaaaaa! I loved it :)

The show is so new that they aren't even advertising on the PCC website no pic available!
Check out this video of the oldie but goodie Horizons night show! Fire and dancing, YES please!!

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  1. very cool! glad you are finding some fun things to do!