Monday, July 27, 2009

The Hukilau!

Danny and I headed to our local beach for our morning run/powerwalk the other day and came across a local tradition here in Laie. It is called a Hukilau!! Big nets are brought out into the ocean by divers, a bunch of fishies swim into their path, and when it is time whoever is there gets to help reel in the catch! There were a bunch of community members at the ready to pull in the nets, so Danny and I decided to seize the moment and grab onto that rope too! It was hard work, and after a while we felt a little in the way, but I think we did our part! Anywho, cool little adventure...even if we didn't get in our run/powerwalk!

Here is a Hukilau from days gone by! We looked just like them! :p


  1. I think reeling in a huge net counts as a pretty good work out.
    You guys look like old land