Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jake Shimabukuro: an ukulele GOD!

D and I got to go to an awesome concert the other night! BYUH was putting on a little concert series and the headliner was Jake Shimabukuro! D and I had heard about him a couple years back from my mom. My little momma tech wiz found him while surfing YouTube!! Being a Beatles gal, she fell in love with his version of George Harrison's While my Guitar Gently Weeps...we did too! So when we saw the posters all over campus we ran to get tickets! D bought tickets 1 and 2!! :D It didn't hurt that they were only $5!! Whoooo! So anyway Danny and I were so excited to go hear some amazing ukulele music, and we weren't disappointed! We heard some originals, some classics, and even an uke version of Thriller!! Danny brought his ukulele to be signed just in case...
We took tons of videos, but aren't able to upload them so check him out on youtube here (the video that made him famous), here (this one got the crowd goin'), and here (made me wanna groove)!

Jake jammin on his tener ukulele
Excuse the blur: Jake signed Danny's Uke!

I am such a dweeb! I totally got in his way and made him step all over my feet! ooops!

There we go!! Feet in the right places!


  1. You lucky guys!!!I'm so glad for you that you had a chance to see Jake!! And he even stepped on your toes?! Never wash em again!!!
    Emma, you are looking tan and beautiful! Nice tshirt!!!

  2. how fun. I will have to check him out.