Monday, December 13, 2010

6/7 month recap

What we love about Rowey at 6/7 months:
I never got around to posting a 6 month Rowey blog :( . He was just too much of a delight and we were enjoying him too much to stop and blog! The 6 month of life is sure a good one. Just the right combination of growing independence with still needing his mommy's love and comfort. So, just to sum up we loved everything about Rowey at 6 months! Plus- he did not get sick once these past 2 months (knock on wood)!!! I guess the Doc's suggestion of bathing our little germy boy every night worked!

On to the 7 month:
  • He really is growing into his sweet personality. Ro is a ham! He loves to laugh, smile and scream little bursts of sound to show his excitement.
  • He is starting to become more comfortable around new people! If he has seen you a few times he loves you and will give you kisses and snuggles. If you are still new (or if he is tired) he can be quite serious! His serious face is still pretty cute!
  • He LOVES when someone claps for him and tries to clap along too.
  • The latest thing that Rowey thinks is hilarious is if you wave HI or BYE to him. For some reason it is super funny!! We sure love to see him laugh and will both do pretty much anything to keep the giggles comin'!
  • He is not as good of an eater as he once was. We try to trick the food in, but sometimes the lips are sealed! He DOES want to eat anything that we are eating, however! We were sharing a banana the other day and instead of wanting the tiny bite size pieces on his tray, he wants to bite a LARGE chunk off mama's piece. Very interesting, but I am willing to share if it gets him the nutrition he needs! New favs are bananas, pears, and apples!
  • Ro is a full time sitter! He loves to sit and reach for all his toys. He has recently started going from sitting to crawling position! We will be knocking him down and not encouraging the crawling until after XMAS! :p
  • Like a typical baby, it seems Ro gravitates to anything that is not one of his many toys during playtime. Some favorites are Daddy's Mac cord (we are trying to kick this one quick!), any paper product especially the mail, and Mommy's face is still a favorite. We are trying to kick the "gnawing on mommy's chin" habit as well! It is a little difficult to redirect however, when he grabs my ears and pulls my chin to his mouth in the blink of an eye! Kinda funny.
  • He loves to stand on the couch and look out the window at the trees, cars and animals passing by.
  • Bath time is a fav. He loves to play with his rubber ducky and other bath toys! Does not enjoy getting water in his eyes though!
  • He still LOVES music. His favorite is to hear Danny sing and play the guitar (especially Nick Drake songs).
  • He loves other babies, and is interacting more and more with them. He loves to talk, hold hands, and give head kisses.
  • So far Ro is a pacifist letting any baby take anything from him...I'm SURE this will change, but for now it's kinda funny to just see Ro look at them like "Hey Dude, that's my sippy ". ;)
We are seriously in love with this baby. We get to the point around 10 or 11 at night where we miss him, so we often sneak in to peak at our sweet boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without him, and are SO excited to see him grow and encourage him on his journey! Life is awesome.

Screaming at cuzzy Owen! What happened next was a full on head kiss...Ro grabbed his sweet hair and slobbered all over O. By the time I got him removed from Owen's head, O had a sweet slobber mohawk! Good thing neither O nor his momma minded too much. We are working on 'gentle'. ;)

Gangsta Ro with his bling bling chain. :p

I had to include this picture because I thought it was the sweetest thing. At the Church Xmas Party, Ro's neighbor buddy Oliver came up to him and gave him hugs. He just kept hugging and hugging him! I think I scared O's momma Summer because I yelled to her "Look at what he's doing!!!" It was the sweetest thing ever!! We love Oliver. (Happy B-day today Buddy!)

Rowey playing the part of Santa. :)

Chillin' with the baba watching the trees.

Playin'. Playing right now consists of staring and sharing slobber, but it is still really cute. Rowey thinks little Abby is quite pretty!

Momma and the baby. Hard to get pictures of us together! This is the best I got while trying to smile and make funny noises to make Ro smile too! Mmmmm love his kisser!

Monday, November 8, 2010


When we moved to Provo it was the dead of Winter and all the trees were bare. Then came Spring, Rowey's birth, and little green leaves popping up everywhere. Next came summer with lush green filling every branch you could see. As the first few cool days hit in October, the leaves started to change. Yellows, oranges, and brilliant shades of red took over our neighborhood! I had forgotten about Fall, and am so glad Ro was able to experience it! We just had a blast with it!! I use the past tense because today it is November 8th and it is raining...and we have forecast of snow... Oh well! It was beautiful while it lasted and we are moving on to new firsts for Rowey, like CHRISTMAS!! :D

Our beautiful trees outside our picture window.

Beautiful colors in our neighborhood! Photo courtesy of Papa. :)

The full Halloween outfit!

Our little Viking! He loved the hat. It was so comfy, soft and ...yummy?? Photo courtesy of Papa again!

Rowey's little pumpkin all lit up Halloween Eve. You can see grammy's punkin in the background! It was awesome!

Playin' in the fall leaves! Gorgeous. Also, Rowey is sitting up! :)

Good bye Fall, hello Winter! We are ready for you!

And for good measure...
I think we all know where he inherited that... ;P

When Grandparents come to town.

Although it was several weeks ago, we are still basking in the delight that was the visit from my parents. We had so much fun doing many of the tourist-y things Utah has to offer. I think it is safe to say we ate our way through Utah County...and it was fabulous!

It took Rowey a few days to get used to having new people around. He seemed very confused to hear Grandma's voice coming from a real person and not the 2-D Skype version! :) After those initial days of being unsure, he warmed up to them quite nicely, cracking smiles and giggles all around. He had a special affinity for Papa...I think it was the fascinating white gotee. All in all we had a blast. D and I even got a date night! Wahoooooo. We went to SLC to see one of our favorite musicians Jonsi of Sigur Ros. It was the best concert we have EVER been to and we are so grateful to mom and dad for babysitting...even when they had to deal with a baby boy that would NOT take his bottle and "sang" to sleep. Sorry about that mom and dad!! He really does love you! ;) It was a sad goodbye, and Rowey really missed their presence, but we will see them soon enough!

A picture tour through our staycation with mom and dad Collignon:
Corn maze/punkin patch. We got lost in the corn maze (despite Danny's innate sense of direction ;P) and had to make the entrance our exit! Here is our little Halloweenie family. I'm partial to the little black kitty! xoxo

Lost in the maze. Rowey concentrating on finding us an exit!!

Our little punkilin.

Grammy picked Rowey right out of the cabbage patch!

Best buddies.

It rained the day we had Park City on the schedule, but it was gorgeous and fun none the less!

Dog that was the size of a small elephant. There were 3 of them in this store! Grammy was in love!

Grammy knit Rowey a seriously, how cute is that! Note the booties. Grammy really wants Ro to stay warm this winter!!

Swimmin' at the poooool. Rowey LOVED it until he remembered it was nap time and Grandma scared him with bubbles. :)

Revealing to Rowey his Halloween costume!

Farewell dinner at Tucanos where we just about all died from a meat attack!!

We loved having you here Grammy and Papa (these are my official names for you... ;) ). Come back next weekend. We'll reserve your room for you!!

So sorry for the lack of pictures of Daddy and Papa. Papa was our main picture taker and Daddy had limited days with us...darn school!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ro the Hat Man Doooo!

Our little boy looks good in a hat! He is starting to have quite the collection due to a mother and mostly a grandmother who are shopping addicts...I mean experts, ya EXPERTS! One thing is for sure his sweet little pea head that we loooove (25th percentile... ;) ) will sure stay warm this winter!

(more about this one later!)
(and it's nap time.) :)

New cuzzie.

We are so excited to welcome our newest love into the family. Welcome to the world little Eli Tannamer Parmer. We love you! :)

5 months.

What we love about Ro at 5 months:
Poor thing is almost 6 months now so gotta get this post going...
Ro is a joy. Even when he is being a fuss button he is cute. He'll let out this little grunting type of cry "Ehh Ehhh Ehhh" and scrunch his nose into a fine piggy shape. It is really cute and so I just giggle at him!
He is doing really great at sitting up! All I have to do is hold his little leg and he can balance in a sitting position.
He LOVES to eat!! Oh my deary this boy is going to eat us out of house and home. He has loved everything we have given him so far...squash, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, summer veggies (whatever that is!), peas, rice cereal, hamburger buns, peaches and avocados. Holy moly. I am so grateful that he is such a good eater, and so willing to try new things. I hope he keeps it up!! GO RO!
Along with the solids comes a change in is definitely more eventful when we change diapers now! I just have to mention that the "getting red, pushing face" is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! ;p
Ro absolutely loves when daddy plays him guitar. Sometimes it is the only thing that will calm him down as we count down the minutes until bedtime.
We have definitely gotten on a great routine for nap/bedtime. Just read him a few books and feed him and he is out! (2 two hour naps during the day/feeding once at night with a cuddle in the morning)
He is staring to be able to stand up while holding on to something all on his own!
Love, love, love you Chubby ChooChoos!

Rowey, Zader, Owey. Cuzzies within almost a month of each other!!

My rotisserie baby. :)

Eating one of my first sewing projects!

All tucked in ready for a walk!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The sweetest thing!

Rowey just loves his Daddy to pieces. I mean, mommy's pretty cool too, but Daddy...he has it all! D can make Ro laugh like no other and he squeals with delight when they play. Ro also LOVES when D plays him music. That is the absolute best. The other morning we were having our early morning family hang-out in our bed (my fav. time) and all Rowey wanted to do was get to Daddy. I was trying to let D sleep just a little but longer, but Ro wasn't having any of that! He practically climbed up to D's face using his ears as hand holds to get to him. Then, he fell asleep on his chest. Oh my gosh, my heart melted! I had to snap away!

*PLEASE forgive the unmentionables in the background...* ;)

Hitting our stride.

I really feel like I am finally getting the hang of things, and so is Rowey. And to think it only took us 5 months! You know what, I think he must have sensed my shift in confidence and decided that he can make it nice and easy for me from here on out. Ya, that's it!! ;) This 5th month has brought many changes in the Lam Casa. RoBug has started eating solids. Waaahoooooo. Seriously. Looking back I think Ro has been ready for a while. Poor thing has a mother that deprived him of the yummy stuff. We started him on rice cereal, but he got quite plugged up (if ya know what I mean), so we decided to try some veggies and apple juice to de-plug him. It worked and we found out that Ro LOVES veggies. Must have gotten that from the Collignon side! He LOVES peas and sweet potatoes. Those are the only 2 we have tried so far and they have been a big hit with Rowey flapping his arms for more, MORE!!
Ro has also stared...DRUMROLL PLEASE...sleeping through the night (*only eating once at 2 am*)!!! Hallelujah!!!! We have been doing our sleep training routine for a month and a week back made an addition from the Farber Method. Ro had been going to bed at 7 and was waking up at 12, 2, 4, and 6. We would go in and rock him. It would only take a minute and he would go back to sleep, but we were getting pretty tired! I decided to try something new (thank you Farber). First night- When he woke up at time he was not supposed to (12am and 4am) I went in and made sure he was dry and warm, patted his little bum and left. He cried and I went in 10 mins. later. Patted his little bum again and he fell asleep! It went as well as I could of hoped! We tried this a couple of nights. One night I heard him cry at 12 am. I woke up and thought I'll give him a few minutes then go in. Well, I ended up waking up an hour later and realizing he must have fallen asleep on his own. I fed him at 2. He woke up again and 4 and cried for just a few minutes before falling back asleep. Wahoooo. From that night on he has slept the whole night through, not crying at all except for his 2 am post dinner-dinner. I think it must have been the easiest "cry it out" session ever!!! What a great baby!
He is so fun and giggly. He is growing some lovely cheeks...both sets ;)...that he definitely got from his momma. We love him dearly!

First bites! It helped that we used Daddy's Ninja Turtle Bowl. He used to eat "yayowee" (cereal) in it everyday when he was a wee little boy! :)

What are you giving me momma?! I don't know about this!

I think I like it!

We found Rowey sleeping like this one afternoon. Daddy thought it was hilarious and it made me nervous! I quickly freed his breathing passageways!

Rowey wants ANYTHING that mommy is eating/drinking. Guess that will be good later when we transition to big people food!!

* Sorry for ALL the details. I have to write them or I forgetttt!*

Monday, September 20, 2010

4 months.

What we love about Ro at 4 months:
  • He has learned to raspberry. It was really cool for about a week and now he isn't as impressed with himself so we only see it occasionally.
  • He is on an official nap schedule thanks to his Aunties who have coached momma. They vary depending on when he wakes up...sometimes it's before 7 am ugh...but usually they take place from 9-11, 1-3, and a short cat nap during dindin.
  • Ro loves going to bed early. He crashed at about 7 every night.
  • Who needs an alarm clock??! Not us! Rowey wakes us up every morning with his bowels. Yes, he poos right on cue every morning! It's loverly.
  • Lately, I have found him sleeping on his tummy during nap time so...
  • he can ROLL all the way over! Yea! Dr. Kendall taught momma how to practice rolling with Rowey and he caught on right away...he even rolled on the Dr.'s table after she showed me a few times. Guess he is a quick learner. :) The rolling is made especially cute when he works so hard he toots. ;)
  • He is full on teething! GoolllllyGeeeeeee! We do a little night time ora-gel at night and that helps him sleep a ton. We have teethers galore, but Ro's favorite has turned out to be mommy's chin and jaw bone. Very weird, but kinda funny.
  • Ro loves to sing as he is going to bed. I usually rock him for a few minutes and he sings away. So sweet.
  • He LOVES Daddy! He is at that age where it's not ALL about mommy anymore, and has found that his papa is quite lovely. He loves when Daddy sings to him, throws him in the air and beat boxes. He loves the beat boxing which is hilarious.
  • Ro is a quiet little bug in public...unless he is hungry...he loves to just stare at trees, people, animals, whatever!
  • He had a couple really long hairs on his head. They are like 3 inches longer than any other hairs. Danny threatens to cut them, but I think we'll keep them a little longer!
  • He loves when we can him by wacky names. His favorites are Rosen Burgerstein and Chubby Choochoos. He laughs and laughs and laughs.
  • He is a tall boy. 98% right now...maybe one day he'll be a basketball/volleyball player...or just a really tall musician. Whatever he chooses will be grrrrrreat! :)
We just love this boy to pieces. He is a bright shining light in our lives and probably the greatest joy we have ever known. He has brought Danny and I even closer together, united in the cause of raising our son. I often say I'd have 10 if they were all like Rowey...but I won't!!

Ro's pillow arm chair. It only took one accident a month ago for us to realize he can no longer be propped on the bed without support!
Out to eat at Communal in Provo. The whole menu was made from local food and tasted delicious. It was a treat!!!