Monday, September 20, 2010

4 months.

What we love about Ro at 4 months:
  • He has learned to raspberry. It was really cool for about a week and now he isn't as impressed with himself so we only see it occasionally.
  • He is on an official nap schedule thanks to his Aunties who have coached momma. They vary depending on when he wakes up...sometimes it's before 7 am ugh...but usually they take place from 9-11, 1-3, and a short cat nap during dindin.
  • Ro loves going to bed early. He crashed at about 7 every night.
  • Who needs an alarm clock??! Not us! Rowey wakes us up every morning with his bowels. Yes, he poos right on cue every morning! It's loverly.
  • Lately, I have found him sleeping on his tummy during nap time so...
  • he can ROLL all the way over! Yea! Dr. Kendall taught momma how to practice rolling with Rowey and he caught on right away...he even rolled on the Dr.'s table after she showed me a few times. Guess he is a quick learner. :) The rolling is made especially cute when he works so hard he toots. ;)
  • He is full on teething! GoolllllyGeeeeeee! We do a little night time ora-gel at night and that helps him sleep a ton. We have teethers galore, but Ro's favorite has turned out to be mommy's chin and jaw bone. Very weird, but kinda funny.
  • Ro loves to sing as he is going to bed. I usually rock him for a few minutes and he sings away. So sweet.
  • He LOVES Daddy! He is at that age where it's not ALL about mommy anymore, and has found that his papa is quite lovely. He loves when Daddy sings to him, throws him in the air and beat boxes. He loves the beat boxing which is hilarious.
  • Ro is a quiet little bug in public...unless he is hungry...he loves to just stare at trees, people, animals, whatever!
  • He had a couple really long hairs on his head. They are like 3 inches longer than any other hairs. Danny threatens to cut them, but I think we'll keep them a little longer!
  • He loves when we can him by wacky names. His favorites are Rosen Burgerstein and Chubby Choochoos. He laughs and laughs and laughs.
  • He is a tall boy. 98% right now...maybe one day he'll be a basketball/volleyball player...or just a really tall musician. Whatever he chooses will be grrrrrreat! :)
We just love this boy to pieces. He is a bright shining light in our lives and probably the greatest joy we have ever known. He has brought Danny and I even closer together, united in the cause of raising our son. I often say I'd have 10 if they were all like Rowey...but I won't!!

Ro's pillow arm chair. It only took one accident a month ago for us to realize he can no longer be propped on the bed without support!
Out to eat at Communal in Provo. The whole menu was made from local food and tasted delicious. It was a treat!!!


  1. He is such a happy baby. By the way, where do you get those cute headbands, Emma? They are adorable.

  2. I loooooooooooooooove him. Ooooh, that little Lamoreaux smile! Way to go on the nap schedule, mama! Dr. Weissbluth would be proud. :)

    Any plans to come back to Tucson?

  3. Can't wait to see you guys!!!24 days!!