Monday, September 13, 2010

In love.

I am in love with two men...there I said it...the first is a sweet boy who drools on me, cries out for a snuggle, and creates lots of messes :/, the others name is Rowan. Oh JUST jokin'! DannyBoy dosen't cry, just whimpers. ;) My sweet husband is quite a guy I tell 'ya. I held his hand in Church on Sunday and was quite alarmed by what I found. On his palms, under each finger is a big callus...I almost cried. Carpet cleaners have it rough. He is such a hard worker and although he doesn't always find joy in scrubbing rugs around the valley, he does it for our family. I think sacrifice is the mark of a true man...or woman...D is a true man. He is also turning out to be quite the father. Ro loves him with a capital L. After a long day with Mommy, Daddy is a sight for sore eyes for our little Buggy. He will just stare at Daddy's face and after registering it for a few seconds, will let out a whole body smile. You know that smile...his arms will come up to his face, head shrinks down to his shoulders and his legs ball up then kick out with joy. That is the mark of true love. I love these 2 boys and find such peace knowing that I get to spend each day with them. Sometimes I get annoyed with school, homework, the gym, and work stealing Danny away, but when I find myself in a quiet moment I always think about how blessed I am to have an adoring DannyBoy and a sweet, healthy, cute-as-all-get-out Rowey. I am a lucky- lovin' 2 men- lady.



  1. Holy Tallness Batman- Rowan is a tall boy!

    I loved your post, Emma. Families are the best!

  2. That sounds like there's a country song in there somewhere!!! Yes, your boys are pretty special!!

  3. I agree, families are the BEST!! Blane does the same thing when he sees Todd. He gets so excited! Wish you guys were back in Tucson so the boys could play more.

  4. You are one lucky lady that's for sure! Speaking of the gym... have you thought about joining the Y or something that has a childwatch? I'm telling you, even just 30 minutes of solo mommy time is wonderful!