Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A month in review.

Here are a bunch of pitctures from Rowey's 3rd month of life (and the first week of his 4th) that I just couldn't fit into blogs. We sure love this little buggy even at 3a.m. ;)

First trip to the Lake! Not a fan...yet!

Picnic at the park.

Monkey bootie.

Jammin' out.

Meeting little Cannon.

Almost caught that smile...It's like Big Foot, hard to capture a picture!! :)

First swing ride.

Road trip to California.



  1. He is so cute!! I love the one of the monkey bootie.

  2. Nice photos! I like the one with the little drool!!! He'looking pretty darn grown-up!!!

  3. "maybe we should skype Emma?"-- Maya.

    Love the pics!!! He has so many cute expressions.