Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today was Danny's first day of school. We are kinda excited for him to be back in a school routine because I think we may see a little more of him. Well...at least he'll be in the same space as us doing his homework! Rahoooo! D was only 20 minutes late to his first class. :) We got the starting time of the class jumbled in our heads...typical first day of school move for me!

New outfit and fresh haircut, must be the first day of school! Ooooo love that Rowey face and the cowboy p.j.'s!

Go Cougars. ;)


  1. rowan is soooo darn cute!! (you too danny ;) i love his cowboy pj's!! he's getting so big! it seems like just the other day we had our ala moana adventure when ev even littler than him!

  2. I can't even believe it! So I have this dream that when we send Ro off to BYUH he'll meet a sweet and beautiful girl named Evalyn Jung and they get married and live happily ever after!! ;)

  3. You've got some handsome boys in your life! Rowie is gonna break so many hearts.