Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sicky Boy. Sleepy boy.

Well we have survived our first illness...only 502, 567 to go... We think Ro caught a cold on the way back from Tucson and it lasted a good 2.5 weeks. I called him my little snuffleopagus. The first few days were a little rough, but Woody and the humidifier got him through. Poor buggy.

Now that he is back to his normal nasal activity, we are on to sleep training...it's all momma can think about (she is trying desperately not think too much!). I believe I am a little petrified of the whole sleep thing because of the many times I have been told I was a horrible sleeper. ;) Karma has a funny way of working! But Rowey is doing a really great job! Last night he fell asleep by himself and slept in his big boy crib on his own...well momma and daddy slept on the floor because momma is a typical crazy first time mom and didn't want him to feel "all alone" :) ...for half the night, then his pack and play by the bed for the other half. He woke up twice to eat, which the book tells me can be typical up to 9 months. I'm not expecting any less from our son who loves to eat!!! Anyway we are on our way to falling asleep by ourselves, then sleeping through the whole night. We'll give him a few more months! This is the sleeping philosophy we are students of... :)
(we are taking some from this book some from Dr. Sears and customizing our sleep plan.)


  1. Sorry he was sick for so long. He sure looks cute in all of his pictures though.

  2. It wasn't that you were a bad sleeper, honey, you were just a difficult FALL-asleeper! And perhaps I just complained too much!!