Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A name and a blessing.

Sweet Jonah was blessed the first Sunday of May 2012. His daddy gave him an awesome blessing and the spirit filled that chapel. He was blessed to draw people into the light with his sweet nature, to recognize who he will take to the Temple and health and happiness ( among other things). It was a fabulous day!! Thank you to all that came and supported us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A new perspective for me.

I watched this and cried and cried. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child and gain an angel I held my sweet Jonah as I learned of Ruby's story and had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude; that I get to be with my children here on this Earth. I know I will have them forever, but to get the chance to raise them here is a blessing. We have one chance here in this mortal existence; let's make it count, for all the angels out there. :) xo

Friday, May 4, 2012


My baby is 2! I'm not gonna cry not gonna cry not gonna cry. :) These past two years have been a joy. Ro taught Danny and I how to be a mommy and daddy. We needed a lot of lessons! Today, we had a grand birthday celebration; nothing big or fancy, just a plain 'ol good time! Ro woke up to a room full of balloons. "Baaaaaoooooooons Baaaaaaaoooooons" is what I heard when he woke up! I swear the $1 back of balloons was one of the biggest hits of the day! Ha! No over the top party needed here! RO got to open some awesome gifts sent in from family all around. He was truly spoiled with love! Thank you everyone who called, emailed, face booked, mailed or hey-telled a birthday treat for Ro!! It was amazing. After nap Ro got a great surprise; Nana and Poppa Lamoreaux! Yahoooooo! We opened more presents, ate dinner at Commmunal (Um. Best mashed potatoes of my life.), and a birthday trifle (ugly but yummy), and went for an amazingly peaceful walk around our neighborhood! Perfection. 

Baoooooons and part of Ro's stash!

Mommy and Daddy picked out some sweet Yo Gabba friends. Fooooofa and Brobee are favs. 

Tee ball. woot woot! He's already got a great swing!

3/4 fam! Yes, my kid wears crocs...with socks. Don't hate. :p 

Birthday Trifle; a new tradition!! 

This video is such Ro's personality: cautious at first and then gets the hang of it at the end! SO proud of himself!

You can't tell from this video but Ro is talking up a storm lately! Today he learned the words "Buurrrday" (birthday) and "Urprizzze" (surprise!). Eat that trifle RO!!

3 months. (#2)

We've hit the three month mark. It's a strange time in that I feel like I just had a baby yesterday, but also that I've had him  for forever; like he's always been a part of our family! I can't imagine our lives without our little Jo. We are blessed!! So, without further ado...

What we love about Jonah at 3 months:
-Lips. Period.
-Kissable cheeks, legs, tummy, everything!
-He is so happy and talkative! Dr. Kendal said universally second babies are more talkative due to the amazing amount of stimulation a toddler brother provides. 
-He will smile, smile, smile, and cooooooooo all day long...until he's hungry. ;)
-He sleeps an awesome stretch (5-7 hours) at the beginning of the night. 
-He is a great eater and only demands food every 3 hours or so. 
-Poor second baby has to be much more portable than the first, and Jo is no exception. He'll nap on the go or not at all until we have a minute to relax. Poor baby! 
- He is a great mover especially during tummy time. 
-Cuddler to the max and definite momma's boy! 

It's hard to believe you can love another baby like you love your first, but you can. Oh yes you can!!