Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festivities.

Fall has sprung and we love it. I look out my front window to beautiful yellow leaves dancing in the wind all day long. The growing piles on the ground mean it will all be over soon, but for now we ENJOY it!
Here is our Fall so far in pictures...

Lookin' cute and coy with our punkins.

My sweetness roaming the pumpkin patch.

Feeling really silly about the bunnies! Ro kept stealing their food and trying to hand feed them...he has a thing for animals, this kid!

Cheeeeeeeese. Our little scarecrow!

Our handsome boy.

Sometimes we just need our mommas. Tuckered out after the corn maze!

Helping Daddy "scoop" the pumpkins gizzards. Ro wasn't too sure he wanted to get that dirty!

And lastly,

the newest lil pumpkin...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The big 3!

Rowey's bestest big buddy Daxon turned three! He had an awesome party at Kangaroo Zoo (basically a big warehouse with inflatables). Ro loved it until the very end....note mommy had to hold a large screaming baby in the group picture. Haha! Guess he had about 20 minutes too much fun!
We love you Dax! Thanks for being an awesome example for Rowey. You teach him so much!!


See how happy this woman is!? Well every night I wipe this silly grin on my face and snuggle into my sweet pregnancy pillow. I love it. Every woman needs one. If you are pregnant, RUN don't walk and grab one! Thank you so much for letting me borrow my new best friend sis. You are the best!

Video overload!!

I thought our fam and friends who don't get to see Rowey's little personality on a daily basis may like to see a few videos of him in action.

Here is a glimpse into the craziness...I don't think the hubby thought I would post this as he probably wouldn't have recited his rap about changing diapers and certainly would not have made Rowey's favorite burzuuuuurt noises...hehe! Oh well.

Dax and Ro play together all the time! Their little partner in crime is Tiko the kitty. Rowan is in LOVE with Tiko and would play with him for hours if I let him. Free babysitter, right!? p.s. This cough is finally gone...

Ro also loves to watch Tiko eat his food. He has loved feeding Tiko every morning while our friends Chris and Jenna have been on vacay!

This is one of the many AWESOME parks in Utah County. Seriously we have the best parks! Ro was crazzzzzzy about this glider. He wanted to go on it over and over and only wanted to use one hand of course. Little daredevil!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Don't you hate those parents who think EVERYTHING their child does is the cutest/most beautiful/most awesome newsworthy event of the century....well we are those parents. HA! With no further ado, here is Rowan eating a nectarine. :p It really is the cutest thing, I promise. Those chubby fingers are everything. :)

*DOn't mind my unkempt bed...some days we make it :)*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What happens when you're chillin' with your awesome girl cuzzies??? get dressed up of course. If I do say so myself, my sweetie pie boy makes a pretty amazing Tink. Every boy HAS to have a picture like this...for posterity of course!

Belle and the Purple Princess were equally as enchanting. :)

....and to make up for it here I am looking messy holding a screwdriver. ;)


Mommy's B-day!

Happy Birthday day to big momma!
I turned the big 2-5 last week! That's right, I am officially in my mid twenties and it feels so good! I had a splendid day with my boys. Shopping, eating, an outing ALONE with the hubby (thanks to sweet Jenna)...what could get better!? I wanted nothing more than to be with my sweeties and it was perfect. xo

Gettin' our shop on in the glory that is the Forever 21 jewelery section! HA! Nothing I love more than cheap accessories!!! Wowza!!! p.s. If you look real close you can see a hint of the baby bump...yes I'm large. :/

Ma' boys. I love these two to pieces...almost as much as the Boston Creme Pie cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy I had just devoured. Shout out to that fairy...she is awesome!!!