Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mommy's B-day!

Happy Birthday day to big momma!
I turned the big 2-5 last week! That's right, I am officially in my mid twenties and it feels so good! I had a splendid day with my boys. Shopping, eating, an outing ALONE with the hubby (thanks to sweet Jenna)...what could get better!? I wanted nothing more than to be with my sweeties and it was perfect. xo

Gettin' our shop on in the glory that is the Forever 21 jewelery section! HA! Nothing I love more than cheap accessories!!! Wowza!!! p.s. If you look real close you can see a hint of the baby bump...yes I'm large. :/

Ma' boys. I love these two to pieces...almost as much as the Boston Creme Pie cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy I had just devoured. Shout out to that fairy...she is awesome!!!


  1. Em, glad you had a great birthday! You look so beautiful! You are not should see me.

  2. are so cute! More belly pics! Happy Birthday!