Sunday, December 4, 2011

30 weeks.

100th post at 30 weeks!

My poor second baby! If I wasn't chasing a cutie toddler around all day I'm sure I would have many more posts about this pregnancy. So, we'll just do a recap here at 30 weeks and call it good. :) Poor baby!

  • This pregnancy has flown by. I swear I found out I was pregnant, and grew a huge protruding belly over night! Only 10 more weeks to go until we have a baby.
  • We are soooo excited to meet our boy, but I am a wee bit nervous to see how it will all work out. Rowan has become a bit of a momma's boy and loves to be with me all the time. We have been working on having some alone playtime during the day and "Mommy Mornings" on the weekends (where I get to lock myself in the bathroom for as long as my heart desires and Dan the Man takes over). I love that part!
  • I have been craving a lot this time around! MILK!! I could drink a gallon a day. I also have been wanting cereal in the mornings. This really is amazing because I'm typically a steak and eggs....or Chinese food....kinda breakfast eater. :) I have also been wanting a Cafe Rio pork salad EVERY.DAY. Luckily I limit myself... to every other day...just kidding! Maybe one a week, OK twice a week. Baby needs it right!?
  • Second pregnancies seems to take a larger toll on the bod. I ache, I'm tired. and have grown an exorbitant amount of veins... :/
  • Baby was pretty quiet for a long time, but now has no trouble kicking my ribs and bladder simultaneously. Oh JOY!
  • Rowan is in love with my belly. If I ask him where is baby, or brother, or baby J he will lift up my shirt, give my belly a raspberry and hug and love on it. I think he gets it...a little. We spend a lot of time talking about babies and practicing being gentle with them. He loves our little neighbor girl who is 8 months old and will bring her her paci and bottle without being prompted. I think I have a helper. I hope!
  • We sure love this babe already and can't wait to meet him. I have a feeling the next 10 weeks are going to fly by.
And for the record here's the belly:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall wrap up.

Well that's it for Fall! We had our first snow this morning, which is always bitter sweet. I LOVE the sight of gently falling snow, but it sure is hard to dress a boy (soon to be 2 boys) up so he stays warm. Maybe we can squeeze a few more nice Fall days out of November...please oh please!!

Here is a wrap-up in pictures:

Ro loved scooping up the leaves and plopping right in them.

Some of Provo's finest fall colors!


My little baby...not so little anymore. I thought he looks 16 in this picture!! :(

Halloween party at GG's (Ro's great grandma...still can't believe Rowan has such a young GG!) with cuzzies Zader Aligator and Owey.

Eating the slimy worms!

Me and my babe on Halloween night....just to prove we still exist! :p Our non-costumes were pretty lame this year. Next year will be better!

Rowan LOVED trick or treating with Daxon and Macie, and we loved being the adults with Chris and Jenna! Ha! Dax would knock on all the doors say trick or treat and Ro would come up from behind and cash in on all the treats! It was SO fun to see Rowan walk up to every house in the neighborhood and grab a stash of candy. He really got into it!! After 2 hours we were glad we had the wagon to wheel our tired babies back home!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festivities.

Fall has sprung and we love it. I look out my front window to beautiful yellow leaves dancing in the wind all day long. The growing piles on the ground mean it will all be over soon, but for now we ENJOY it!
Here is our Fall so far in pictures...

Lookin' cute and coy with our punkins.

My sweetness roaming the pumpkin patch.

Feeling really silly about the bunnies! Ro kept stealing their food and trying to hand feed them...he has a thing for animals, this kid!

Cheeeeeeeese. Our little scarecrow!

Our handsome boy.

Sometimes we just need our mommas. Tuckered out after the corn maze!

Helping Daddy "scoop" the pumpkins gizzards. Ro wasn't too sure he wanted to get that dirty!

And lastly,

the newest lil pumpkin...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The big 3!

Rowey's bestest big buddy Daxon turned three! He had an awesome party at Kangaroo Zoo (basically a big warehouse with inflatables). Ro loved it until the very end....note mommy had to hold a large screaming baby in the group picture. Haha! Guess he had about 20 minutes too much fun!
We love you Dax! Thanks for being an awesome example for Rowey. You teach him so much!!


See how happy this woman is!? Well every night I wipe this silly grin on my face and snuggle into my sweet pregnancy pillow. I love it. Every woman needs one. If you are pregnant, RUN don't walk and grab one! Thank you so much for letting me borrow my new best friend sis. You are the best!

Video overload!!

I thought our fam and friends who don't get to see Rowey's little personality on a daily basis may like to see a few videos of him in action.

Here is a glimpse into the craziness...I don't think the hubby thought I would post this as he probably wouldn't have recited his rap about changing diapers and certainly would not have made Rowey's favorite burzuuuuurt noises...hehe! Oh well.

Dax and Ro play together all the time! Their little partner in crime is Tiko the kitty. Rowan is in LOVE with Tiko and would play with him for hours if I let him. Free babysitter, right!? p.s. This cough is finally gone...

Ro also loves to watch Tiko eat his food. He has loved feeding Tiko every morning while our friends Chris and Jenna have been on vacay!

This is one of the many AWESOME parks in Utah County. Seriously we have the best parks! Ro was crazzzzzzy about this glider. He wanted to go on it over and over and only wanted to use one hand of course. Little daredevil!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Don't you hate those parents who think EVERYTHING their child does is the cutest/most beautiful/most awesome newsworthy event of the century....well we are those parents. HA! With no further ado, here is Rowan eating a nectarine. :p It really is the cutest thing, I promise. Those chubby fingers are everything. :)

*DOn't mind my unkempt bed...some days we make it :)*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What happens when you're chillin' with your awesome girl cuzzies??? get dressed up of course. If I do say so myself, my sweetie pie boy makes a pretty amazing Tink. Every boy HAS to have a picture like this...for posterity of course!

Belle and the Purple Princess were equally as enchanting. :)

....and to make up for it here I am looking messy holding a screwdriver. ;)


Mommy's B-day!

Happy Birthday day to big momma!
I turned the big 2-5 last week! That's right, I am officially in my mid twenties and it feels so good! I had a splendid day with my boys. Shopping, eating, an outing ALONE with the hubby (thanks to sweet Jenna)...what could get better!? I wanted nothing more than to be with my sweeties and it was perfect. xo

Gettin' our shop on in the glory that is the Forever 21 jewelery section! HA! Nothing I love more than cheap accessories!!! Wowza!!! p.s. If you look real close you can see a hint of the baby bump...yes I'm large. :/

Ma' boys. I love these two to pieces...almost as much as the Boston Creme Pie cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy I had just devoured. Shout out to that fairy...she is awesome!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to it!

After a short (hmmmmm not so short) break from blogging we are back to it! Rowey is as fun as ever and excited to be a big bro. That's right, my teeny tiny boy is going to be the big boy now. Little bro is due Feb. 11! We are excited, but still in that dreamy baby naive phase. Reality will hit Feb.11th! Wouldn't want a different reality in a million years though. I LOVE my little family.

Short Rowey update (16 months):
  • He has really broke out of his little shell and is quite the social boy. He'd much rather be running around with others kids than stuck with mama!
  • He is SOOO affectionate (no surprise here!). He loves to hug and kiss his friends, acquaintances, the stray cat that hangs around our house, anything really. Gotta get that under control at some point! I hope he ALWAYS kisses his momma though!
  • He LOVES his Dada. Every morning he wakes up with "Daaaaaaaaaa, Daaaaaaaaa". He also like to pretend to call Daddy on the phone and runs to him whenever he gets home. They are buddies times a million!! He loves mommy too, she just gets kinda boring after so long. :)
  • He is becoming much more verbal (still going a little slow though). He says cheeeeeeee (cheese), Ahhhhhh done (all done), yaaaaa (yes), maaaaaaaoooo (meow), ooooooahhhhhhh (monkey noise), dada dada (yo gabba gabba), up up up (when he wants to be picked up)....etc...
  • He loves to sing, dance, jumpy jump, and march like a dinosaur. He is also getting good at riding his little push bike.
He is sure blossoming and becoming an AWESOME big boy! We love him sooooooooo much.

(Drinking out of the hose like a big boy!)

(He loved this bear in Park City. He was convinced it was the coolest thing ever!)

(Loving the cow tongue! Think we have a future vet on our hands!!)

(While the other children are a little worried about this horse my child is kissing it!! ;) )

(Some little fella got into the sour yuck!)

(And that same little fella found half a snickers bar in my bag...good thing we have no peanut allergies! My favorite part was the snickers flavored drool oozing out of his mouth... :/ )

Stay tuned for pics of the littlest Lam and the belly.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

You are special!

I love to celebrate!! Birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays, I get exited for them all! I love making my family feel special on their special days throughout the year, and can't wait to keep celebrating as we all get older! I have always loved this ... but $30 + for a thanks! So I decided to make my own! Here it is in all it's home-made glory!

HA! I think I could have worked on it for hours, but I finally decided that my family won't be looking for tiny mistakes or critiquing my work! (Danny loves it btw. Such a sweet hubby!)
Can't wait to use it...maybe I'll be the first with the big 2-5 celebration in September!! Eeek!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

School is in session.

Life is crazy!!! With work, school, homework, research, volunteer work, GRE study time, and 'can I have a moment to myself time time' Daddy is pretty maxed out. A maxed out Daddy = a maxed out Mommy for sure! Anyway, only a few more weeks until some of the craziness dies down. We are counting down the days...
During the past couple months, Mommy has found herself without a car much of the time so we have become home bodies to the max (the bike and stoller have saved us on many an occasion)! You can only play in the grass, run around making messes, and taking down mommy's decorations for so long before we all start to get a little shack wacky! A schedule is a must. The newest addition to our schedule is schooooool time!! That's right, Rowan has enrolled in Mamma Lam's Pre-Pre-Pre K School for Brilliant Children. :p He sat for a whole 10 minutes today everyone!! Whoooooo!
We did these... working on animal sounds...Ro has the monkey's "Ooooo AHHH AHHH" down pat. :)

and read these...

and sang these...

I will call it a success! Now we have done all these activities before, it was just a nice change to sit Ro down and capture his attention and brain for an extended period of time.
I am sooooo happy that I get to stay home with my baby and soak up every minute he is awake. I am so grateful to my husband for working so hard so I can do this. He is incredible. Love my boys.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Farm country.

We love visiting the Judd farm in Genola. It is so beautiful and makes me want to live on a farm for a minute ;). It's so fun to chase the chickens, pet the horses, and smell that fresh cow patty air! We even got to take home a dozen fresh eggs. We collected brown, green and even blue eggs! They were gorgeous...and tasty!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on the boo.

I was so diligent with Ro's monthly updates for his first year, but have completely slacked lately! So here is a quick little update on our cutie pie...
Things we love about Ro at 13.5 months:
  • He is so smart! He can point to his belly and nose...well he violently beeps Momma's nose when I ask "Where is Rowan's nose!?"...think I might hold off on teaching him eyes for a while... :). He can point out characters in book. He can imitate some animal sounds...mostly "WOOF WOOF", his favorite. He can identify lots of objects and will pick them up when I ask.
  • He loves to hug and kiss!!!
  • He hit another child for the first time at Church...after he was corrected I said "Please give her a hug and a kiss" and he so generously gave her an open mouth kiss on the head.
  • He loves to run with the big boys!
  • He is a dancer (*bouncer*). He will dance to the music on his piano, play table, anything really!
  • He is loving taking a bottle of milk at night and in the more nursing for boo boo. I think it hurts momma's heart the most!
  • He loves his glow worm Auntie Lainey gave him. It puts him right to sleep! Well...sometimes I hear the glow worm playing long after I have put him down. He loves to press the button when he needs a little friend!
  • He loves to go for bike rides, wagon rides, anything-rides!
  • He LOVES slides and want to go down them all by himself. Swings are also a big hit!!
  • He is soooooo sweet to babies. He somehow knows to be gentle and will sweetly touch their hair and give them love.
  • He will eat just about anything he is offered. Any kind of fruit will be devoured in 2.5 seconds!
  • He has become so coordinated lately. He scales stairs going up and down, he can get down off the couch and bed all by himself and he loves to navigate play structures!
  • If we say "Oh man", "Oh geeeez" or "Oh no" Ro will slap his hand to his forehead as if to commiserate with us!
  • We seriously love everything about this kid. He is so special and sweet and we couldn't ask for a better son!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Picture update.

Stuck under his toy...what good parents we are to just giggle and take pictures :p

Momma's Helper!


Our little astronaut superstar!

My smiley, sweetie, honnybun!