Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall wrap up.

Well that's it for Fall! We had our first snow this morning, which is always bitter sweet. I LOVE the sight of gently falling snow, but it sure is hard to dress a boy (soon to be 2 boys) up so he stays warm. Maybe we can squeeze a few more nice Fall days out of November...please oh please!!

Here is a wrap-up in pictures:

Ro loved scooping up the leaves and plopping right in them.

Some of Provo's finest fall colors!


My little baby...not so little anymore. I thought he looks 16 in this picture!! :(

Halloween party at GG's (Ro's great grandma...still can't believe Rowan has such a young GG!) with cuzzies Zader Aligator and Owey.

Eating the slimy worms!

Me and my babe on Halloween night....just to prove we still exist! :p Our non-costumes were pretty lame this year. Next year will be better!

Rowan LOVED trick or treating with Daxon and Macie, and we loved being the adults with Chris and Jenna! Ha! Dax would knock on all the doors say trick or treat and Ro would come up from behind and cash in on all the treats! It was SO fun to see Rowan walk up to every house in the neighborhood and grab a stash of candy. He really got into it!! After 2 hours we were glad we had the wagon to wheel our tired babies back home!

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  1. I'm glad you and Danny still exist! :-) great pictures! Looks like you guys really lived up Fall!