Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festivities.

Fall has sprung and we love it. I look out my front window to beautiful yellow leaves dancing in the wind all day long. The growing piles on the ground mean it will all be over soon, but for now we ENJOY it!
Here is our Fall so far in pictures...

Lookin' cute and coy with our punkins.

My sweetness roaming the pumpkin patch.

Feeling really silly about the bunnies! Ro kept stealing their food and trying to hand feed them...he has a thing for animals, this kid!

Cheeeeeeeese. Our little scarecrow!

Our handsome boy.

Sometimes we just need our mommas. Tuckered out after the corn maze!

Helping Daddy "scoop" the pumpkins gizzards. Ro wasn't too sure he wanted to get that dirty!

And lastly,

the newest lil pumpkin...


  1. Can't imagine where he gets his animal-loving from?!

    And, yay for a baby bump photo!!!!! You look lovely :)

  2. You are beautiful!! Love the post and I LOVE all of little Rowey's shoes! Too cute!

  3. you are such a babe. and so is ro. danny isn't too bad either... ;-)

  4. You´re gorgeous, rowey is adorable and I love you and your beautiful family so much!!! Sending you love from afar!! xoxoxo

  5. Em, you look so cute!! You are definitely smaller than me. Rowan always looks so nicely dressed. He is such a stud!

  6. ditto on all the things already mentioned! i love you and your cute (and growing!) fam. :)