Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on the boo.

I was so diligent with Ro's monthly updates for his first year, but have completely slacked lately! So here is a quick little update on our cutie pie...
Things we love about Ro at 13.5 months:
  • He is so smart! He can point to his belly and nose...well he violently beeps Momma's nose when I ask "Where is Rowan's nose!?"...think I might hold off on teaching him eyes for a while... :). He can point out characters in book. He can imitate some animal sounds...mostly "WOOF WOOF", his favorite. He can identify lots of objects and will pick them up when I ask.
  • He loves to hug and kiss!!!
  • He hit another child for the first time at Church...after he was corrected I said "Please give her a hug and a kiss" and he so generously gave her an open mouth kiss on the head.
  • He loves to run with the big boys!
  • He is a dancer (*bouncer*). He will dance to the music on his piano, play table, anything really!
  • He is loving taking a bottle of milk at night and in the more nursing for boo boo. I think it hurts momma's heart the most!
  • He loves his glow worm Auntie Lainey gave him. It puts him right to sleep! Well...sometimes I hear the glow worm playing long after I have put him down. He loves to press the button when he needs a little friend!
  • He loves to go for bike rides, wagon rides, anything-rides!
  • He LOVES slides and want to go down them all by himself. Swings are also a big hit!!
  • He is soooooo sweet to babies. He somehow knows to be gentle and will sweetly touch their hair and give them love.
  • He will eat just about anything he is offered. Any kind of fruit will be devoured in 2.5 seconds!
  • He has become so coordinated lately. He scales stairs going up and down, he can get down off the couch and bed all by himself and he loves to navigate play structures!
  • If we say "Oh man", "Oh geeeez" or "Oh no" Ro will slap his hand to his forehead as if to commiserate with us!
  • We seriously love everything about this kid. He is so special and sweet and we couldn't ask for a better son!

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