Monday, October 24, 2011

Video overload!!

I thought our fam and friends who don't get to see Rowey's little personality on a daily basis may like to see a few videos of him in action.

Here is a glimpse into the craziness...I don't think the hubby thought I would post this as he probably wouldn't have recited his rap about changing diapers and certainly would not have made Rowey's favorite burzuuuuurt noises...hehe! Oh well.

Dax and Ro play together all the time! Their little partner in crime is Tiko the kitty. Rowan is in LOVE with Tiko and would play with him for hours if I let him. Free babysitter, right!? p.s. This cough is finally gone...

Ro also loves to watch Tiko eat his food. He has loved feeding Tiko every morning while our friends Chris and Jenna have been on vacay!

This is one of the many AWESOME parks in Utah County. Seriously we have the best parks! Ro was crazzzzzzy about this glider. He wanted to go on it over and over and only wanted to use one hand of course. Little daredevil!!



  1. OMG the first video was pure joy! Love seeing Ro's personality!

  2. how funny! he's a little ham. i bet he would love penny...guess you have to come visit! Ro seems so big now!