Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to it!

After a short (hmmmmm not so short) break from blogging we are back to it! Rowey is as fun as ever and excited to be a big bro. That's right, my teeny tiny boy is going to be the big boy now. Little bro is due Feb. 11! We are excited, but still in that dreamy baby naive phase. Reality will hit Feb.11th! Wouldn't want a different reality in a million years though. I LOVE my little family.

Short Rowey update (16 months):
  • He has really broke out of his little shell and is quite the social boy. He'd much rather be running around with others kids than stuck with mama!
  • He is SOOO affectionate (no surprise here!). He loves to hug and kiss his friends, acquaintances, the stray cat that hangs around our house, anything really. Gotta get that under control at some point! I hope he ALWAYS kisses his momma though!
  • He LOVES his Dada. Every morning he wakes up with "Daaaaaaaaaa, Daaaaaaaaa". He also like to pretend to call Daddy on the phone and runs to him whenever he gets home. They are buddies times a million!! He loves mommy too, she just gets kinda boring after so long. :)
  • He is becoming much more verbal (still going a little slow though). He says cheeeeeeee (cheese), Ahhhhhh done (all done), yaaaaa (yes), maaaaaaaoooo (meow), ooooooahhhhhhh (monkey noise), dada dada (yo gabba gabba), up up up (when he wants to be picked up)....etc...
  • He loves to sing, dance, jumpy jump, and march like a dinosaur. He is also getting good at riding his little push bike.
He is sure blossoming and becoming an AWESOME big boy! We love him sooooooooo much.

(Drinking out of the hose like a big boy!)

(He loved this bear in Park City. He was convinced it was the coolest thing ever!)

(Loving the cow tongue! Think we have a future vet on our hands!!)

(While the other children are a little worried about this horse my child is kissing it!! ;) )

(Some little fella got into the sour yuck!)

(And that same little fella found half a snickers bar in my bag...good thing we have no peanut allergies! My favorite part was the snickers flavored drool oozing out of his mouth... :/ )

Stay tuned for pics of the littlest Lam and the belly.

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  1. oh how I love him! And you! Miss you tons! Can't wait to see pics of how he's coming along :) xoxo