Monday, August 23, 2010

Here are a few of my favorite things.

At nearly 4 months (1.5 weeks away!), Ro has started to play with toys...well mainly eat them...and it is so cute! I wanted to remember some of his favorite things right now.

This is Ro's best bear friend affectionately named Woody or Teddy; it varies day to day. Ro loooooves him. His nose is conveniently shaped very similarly to Rowey's favorite milk producing body part so he can be entertained by Woody for a very long time! :)

Ro loves books and will sit through 3 or 4 just staring at the pictures and batting at the pages. This is one of his favorites because not only does it have words and pictures, it CRINKLES. This makes it awesome!

This is another recent favorite because it is extra special. Auntie Bree filled its pages with pictures of his family on mommy's side. Rowey loves to look at it as I identify everyone! Even though we are far away we get to look at your faces each day.

Ro loves to chew. Grab, chew, lick, nibble, suck, and repeat. I'm sure this will continue more and more as the chompers set in. He loves this apple because he can grab it easily and chow down.
(Ro's is red!)

Another fav teether...this one squeaks and has lots of squishy parts. Plus it is super cute and all the rage. Gma V accidently paid an arm and a leg for it...guess she should start looking at price tags ;). Thanks Gma V!

Last but not least is a recent find: Baby Paper. It is one of those things that I wish I had invented myself because it is just so darn awesome. It is some extremely crinkly material covered in cloth. Simple, yes, but entertaining as all get out for a 4 monther! We love it! A must have!


  1. Lovely post! Should we mention that Woody (Woodour) and the wonderful baby paper come from J Renee (in the Casas Adobes shopping center)? They also have wonderful bamboo clothing!

  2. So cute... makes me want a baby! I especially love the giraffe and Teddy!