Monday, November 8, 2010


When we moved to Provo it was the dead of Winter and all the trees were bare. Then came Spring, Rowey's birth, and little green leaves popping up everywhere. Next came summer with lush green filling every branch you could see. As the first few cool days hit in October, the leaves started to change. Yellows, oranges, and brilliant shades of red took over our neighborhood! I had forgotten about Fall, and am so glad Ro was able to experience it! We just had a blast with it!! I use the past tense because today it is November 8th and it is raining...and we have forecast of snow... Oh well! It was beautiful while it lasted and we are moving on to new firsts for Rowey, like CHRISTMAS!! :D

Our beautiful trees outside our picture window.

Beautiful colors in our neighborhood! Photo courtesy of Papa. :)

The full Halloween outfit!

Our little Viking! He loved the hat. It was so comfy, soft and ...yummy?? Photo courtesy of Papa again!

Rowey's little pumpkin all lit up Halloween Eve. You can see grammy's punkin in the background! It was awesome!

Playin' in the fall leaves! Gorgeous. Also, Rowey is sitting up! :)

Good bye Fall, hello Winter! We are ready for you!

And for good measure...
I think we all know where he inherited that... ;P


  1. That bottom looks strangely familiar......

  2. I loooove seeing these pictures of you all! I just clicked on you and saw you had this blog. What a wonderful thing to see you and your new family. You look just the same, like the young girl that left DC. Sniff, sniff...

    Now. That IS a booty on that baby! I love it!