Monday, December 13, 2010

6/7 month recap

What we love about Rowey at 6/7 months:
I never got around to posting a 6 month Rowey blog :( . He was just too much of a delight and we were enjoying him too much to stop and blog! The 6 month of life is sure a good one. Just the right combination of growing independence with still needing his mommy's love and comfort. So, just to sum up we loved everything about Rowey at 6 months! Plus- he did not get sick once these past 2 months (knock on wood)!!! I guess the Doc's suggestion of bathing our little germy boy every night worked!

On to the 7 month:
  • He really is growing into his sweet personality. Ro is a ham! He loves to laugh, smile and scream little bursts of sound to show his excitement.
  • He is starting to become more comfortable around new people! If he has seen you a few times he loves you and will give you kisses and snuggles. If you are still new (or if he is tired) he can be quite serious! His serious face is still pretty cute!
  • He LOVES when someone claps for him and tries to clap along too.
  • The latest thing that Rowey thinks is hilarious is if you wave HI or BYE to him. For some reason it is super funny!! We sure love to see him laugh and will both do pretty much anything to keep the giggles comin'!
  • He is not as good of an eater as he once was. We try to trick the food in, but sometimes the lips are sealed! He DOES want to eat anything that we are eating, however! We were sharing a banana the other day and instead of wanting the tiny bite size pieces on his tray, he wants to bite a LARGE chunk off mama's piece. Very interesting, but I am willing to share if it gets him the nutrition he needs! New favs are bananas, pears, and apples!
  • Ro is a full time sitter! He loves to sit and reach for all his toys. He has recently started going from sitting to crawling position! We will be knocking him down and not encouraging the crawling until after XMAS! :p
  • Like a typical baby, it seems Ro gravitates to anything that is not one of his many toys during playtime. Some favorites are Daddy's Mac cord (we are trying to kick this one quick!), any paper product especially the mail, and Mommy's face is still a favorite. We are trying to kick the "gnawing on mommy's chin" habit as well! It is a little difficult to redirect however, when he grabs my ears and pulls my chin to his mouth in the blink of an eye! Kinda funny.
  • He loves to stand on the couch and look out the window at the trees, cars and animals passing by.
  • Bath time is a fav. He loves to play with his rubber ducky and other bath toys! Does not enjoy getting water in his eyes though!
  • He still LOVES music. His favorite is to hear Danny sing and play the guitar (especially Nick Drake songs).
  • He loves other babies, and is interacting more and more with them. He loves to talk, hold hands, and give head kisses.
  • So far Ro is a pacifist letting any baby take anything from him...I'm SURE this will change, but for now it's kinda funny to just see Ro look at them like "Hey Dude, that's my sippy ". ;)
We are seriously in love with this baby. We get to the point around 10 or 11 at night where we miss him, so we often sneak in to peak at our sweet boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without him, and are SO excited to see him grow and encourage him on his journey! Life is awesome.

Screaming at cuzzy Owen! What happened next was a full on head kiss...Ro grabbed his sweet hair and slobbered all over O. By the time I got him removed from Owen's head, O had a sweet slobber mohawk! Good thing neither O nor his momma minded too much. We are working on 'gentle'. ;)

Gangsta Ro with his bling bling chain. :p

I had to include this picture because I thought it was the sweetest thing. At the Church Xmas Party, Ro's neighbor buddy Oliver came up to him and gave him hugs. He just kept hugging and hugging him! I think I scared O's momma Summer because I yelled to her "Look at what he's doing!!!" It was the sweetest thing ever!! We love Oliver. (Happy B-day today Buddy!)

Rowey playing the part of Santa. :)

Chillin' with the baba watching the trees.

Playin'. Playing right now consists of staring and sharing slobber, but it is still really cute. Rowey thinks little Abby is quite pretty!

Momma and the baby. Hard to get pictures of us together! This is the best I got while trying to smile and make funny noises to make Ro smile too! Mmmmm love his kisser!


  1. 2 of my very favorite boys! We love Rowey!!!

  2. We love the slobber hawks, keep em comin'

  3. So cute!! I think it is awesome how you do these updates. What a great way to remember all the cute little things he does.

  4. He is seriously the cutest thing! Hope he's prepared for me to smother him with hugs! Love your matching striped shirts :)

  5. he is sooo cute! and so are you!! I just love it!!