Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Christmastime.

We sure had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We traveled to Tucson and stayed for the whole break from school. My parents were kind enough to let us stay with them, but we were able to visit the Lams a bunch and even snuck in a Red Rock sleep over. Our visit was filled with dancing with the LamFam, eating at our fav. Tucson spots, soaking up the sun (for a few days), playing with cuzzies, visiting friends, celebrating birthdays with extended fam, reading Christmas stories, being on the nice list (Santa came all the way to Tucson for Rowey!), opening/playing with presents, visiting parks, petting kitties, cuddling grammies, riding on airplanes and celebrating New Years!

Here are a few pics to sum up the trip...
(Technically, this is before our trip, but I wanted always remember what Santa brought Rowey his first awesome play table!!)

(Chillin in the AZ sun before the cold front hit. CUTIE PIE!!)

(Our Elfy Boy!)

(Uncle Josh warming up for the groovin'!)

(Rowey got lots of kisses this vacation. Here are some from second cuzzie Callum at GGma Jane's 90th bday party.)

(Soaking up more of that awesome AZ December weather!)

(One of Daddy's awesome photos! A trip to Reid Park Zoo!)

(Cuddling with Uncle Kev. He is very cuddle-able!)

(Momma being silly dancing our the annual Christmas Eve fire ;) )

(Christmas morning. Opening my presents by soaking them in saliva first!)

(Checkin' out his new kicks!)

(Daddy's wildest dreams come true!)

(Cuzzie Tristan, who is the sweetest boy ever. All of Ro's cuzzies are sooooo sweet and love him to pieces. I think Ro loves them all right back!!)

(Checking out cuzzie Gavin!)

(Goofin' with Nana ReRe)

(Family Piktcha!)

(Mommy smoooooochies.)

(Darcy tickles!)

(Checking out Chick-fil-a with Daddy, Uncle Josh, Aunt Lainey, Maya and Darcy! Mommy was home fighting a fever so this was Daddy's first solo outing!!)

(Rowey would not nap on the plane, so after 2 minutes of being in his carseat in the car I look over and he is OUT! This was the first time he really conked out and it was really cute!)

Phew. Glad we got a lot of pictures on this trip! Unfortunately we got almost none of my side of the family, but I promise they were all there! Thanks to all who made our trip fun, comfortable and memorable! We love you all.

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  1. We need to delete the photo of me in the big puffy bathrobe!!!!!