Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year.

Good-bye 2010, Hello 2011. Although I am very excited for our future I would like to take a moment to thank 2010 because you were a freakin' awesome year!

We moved to good 'ol snowy Provo from sunny Hawaii. I think I was a little disappointed by the weather at first but as the year torn on, I grew to love it more and more!
We also celebrated our first year anniversary.
(Eating and drinking our Mocktails at Spark in downtown Provo. Yum.)

We had a blast preparing for the arrival of our sweet bundle of joy and sight seeing around Utah before we knew we would be house bound for a while!

(not taken by us! ;) )

I traveled to Tucson for a beautiful baby shower. Intimate and relaxing, just what I wanted!

We celebrated Danny's Bday, and watched the belly grow! Looking back we also got to watch my FACE grow!! Holy swollen! :p

This was the best month of the year! We welcomed Rowan David Lamoreaux on May 4th weighing 8 lbs. 11oz. at 10:53 am. Our lives got so much more exciting, and we fell in love...big time.
(Fresh from the oven! It was a very undramatic birth for both of us...thank goodness!)

(Showing Ro off one Skype date at a time! I think Grammy must have been wanting to hold Rowey! ;P)

We watched Rowey grow, visited the Farm, got a few Lam visitors, and blessed Ro.

We listened to first giggles, celebrated the 4th, took a trip to the lake, and took many summer walks.

Rowey took his first airplane ride to Tucson to meet lots of important people and celebrate Grandma's big bday. Daddy also started another semester at school!

We took our first road trip to California to attend a friend's wedding, Ro started solids, mom celebrated a birthday, and we gained a new family member, Eli!

(Fresh Eli)

The weather cooled and Rowey got even cuter. We said good bye to summer and hello to beautiful fall. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Grammy and Poppa Collignon, and celebrated Halloween.

(thanks to the photog Poppa!)

We continued to enjoy the beauty of fall, made a surprise trip to Tucson for Thanksgiving, and had fun with bath time and new hairdo's!

We continued to get cold in Provo so we snuggled, snuggled some more and then snuggled with people in Tucson where it was much warmer! We danced, laughed, cried, and loved our time spent as a family over Christmas break. I sure love these boys and am so grateful I have an eternity to spend with them!

(Sorry for picture overload. I just had so much fun recounting our memories!)


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  2. Wow! What a year you've had! And may your next year be even better!!! Great pictures! You can never have too many of such sweet people!

  3. Love this post! What a busy year! I see me in the Skyping pic from the hospital :) p.s. Ro in the blue towel is too cute for words! Love you guys!