Monday, November 8, 2010

When Grandparents come to town.

Although it was several weeks ago, we are still basking in the delight that was the visit from my parents. We had so much fun doing many of the tourist-y things Utah has to offer. I think it is safe to say we ate our way through Utah County...and it was fabulous!

It took Rowey a few days to get used to having new people around. He seemed very confused to hear Grandma's voice coming from a real person and not the 2-D Skype version! :) After those initial days of being unsure, he warmed up to them quite nicely, cracking smiles and giggles all around. He had a special affinity for Papa...I think it was the fascinating white gotee. All in all we had a blast. D and I even got a date night! Wahoooooo. We went to SLC to see one of our favorite musicians Jonsi of Sigur Ros. It was the best concert we have EVER been to and we are so grateful to mom and dad for babysitting...even when they had to deal with a baby boy that would NOT take his bottle and "sang" to sleep. Sorry about that mom and dad!! He really does love you! ;) It was a sad goodbye, and Rowey really missed their presence, but we will see them soon enough!

A picture tour through our staycation with mom and dad Collignon:
Corn maze/punkin patch. We got lost in the corn maze (despite Danny's innate sense of direction ;P) and had to make the entrance our exit! Here is our little Halloweenie family. I'm partial to the little black kitty! xoxo

Lost in the maze. Rowey concentrating on finding us an exit!!

Our little punkilin.

Grammy picked Rowey right out of the cabbage patch!

Best buddies.

It rained the day we had Park City on the schedule, but it was gorgeous and fun none the less!

Dog that was the size of a small elephant. There were 3 of them in this store! Grammy was in love!

Grammy knit Rowey a seriously, how cute is that! Note the booties. Grammy really wants Ro to stay warm this winter!!

Swimmin' at the poooool. Rowey LOVED it until he remembered it was nap time and Grandma scared him with bubbles. :)

Revealing to Rowey his Halloween costume!

Farewell dinner at Tucanos where we just about all died from a meat attack!!

We loved having you here Grammy and Papa (these are my official names for you... ;) ). Come back next weekend. We'll reserve your room for you!!

So sorry for the lack of pictures of Daddy and Papa. Papa was our main picture taker and Daddy had limited days with us...darn school!


  1. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. We've been to the store with the elephant dogs, they are sooooo cute.

  2. Well I must say we had a wonderful time!!! And we DID eat our way thru Provo, at least!!!You guys are the best...we love you!! See you soon!

  3. The picture of your mom and baby Ro is soooo cute! I also like his viking costume. Blane was a monkey. I am glad you guys are keeping warm up there. The weather has been so nice down here in Tucson.

  4. Seems like you all had a blast! We love that. Please share the pictures with others when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook, Come play again soon.