Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweetie Pie Moments.

I love sweet moments captured on camera. I hope to look back at pictures like these fondly and always remember that even though motherhood is challenging, it has provided the most sweet, loving, and incredible moments of my life. I took the advice to "get in more pictures" and I'm loving it. Mommas - one day we will be happy we have pictures of our children WITH us! So step out from behind that camera and SMILE!

Refer to the picture above if anyone wants to know the proper way to catch the flu from your child... YUCK!




  1. These are adorable pics! I always love seeing your family's little updates.

  2. That's my goal this year... more pictures with my kiddos. I'm not at all photogenic and usually hate the way I look, but my kids are going to think I was MIA for the first years of their life and that their dad was a single parent. Ha. So even if it means setting the self timer... I'm getting in front of that lens.