Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The first installment.

Since this blog's purpose really is to document the life of my Ro Bug I thought I'd start a new set of installments, "Things we love about Ro at [insert age here]! So here we go...

Things we love about Ro at 2.5 months:
  1. He has learned to suck his hand. He will not take a paci (despite my efforts), but loves his hand particularly his chunky pointer finger.
  2. He loves to smile after he eats and is giddy in the morning. He especially loves to smile at momma, but is starting to recognize daddy too.
  3. He has the softest skin that has a lovely olive hue.
  4. He loves to blow bubbles.
  5. He can talk! :) He says "Goooooo", "Ahooooooo", and he howls quite well.
  6. He has the most beautiful blue eyes courtesy of his papa.
  7. He would rather stand with assistance than sit.
  8. He loves to say family prayer (hehe.) It's really cute.
  9. He loves nap time in his swing, but will sleep in his crib when we try that too.
  10. He sleeps in his pack 'n play at night and will generally sleep 3.5 hour stretches. He gets really sleepy at 10 /1030 each night and will sleep in until 830/9 in the morning.
  11. He loves looking at momma at night. We will stare and smile at each other in the dark while daddy sleeps.
  12. He loves to snuggle, and ride in the snuggly Moby wrap.
  13. He is a taaaaaallllll boy. All of his 3 month footie pj's are getting a little snug.
  14. He has had 2 throwing up episodes that have been quite dramatic.
  15. He loves looking at lights and fans.
  16. He is great at tummy time. He can get his head up so far! Auntie Jess says he is impersonating a loch ness monster (lovingly called Nessie!).



  1. I guess he's inherited his mama's Nessability (YOU used to Nessie, too!) and his grandmother's love of books!! And I'm happy his papa is reading them to him!!

  2. Go Ro man! Darcy still hates tummy time. :)