Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy bees are back to bloggin'.

The past few days have been busy.

We reorganized ourselves after vacation.

Visited Thanksgiving Point to see the freshly hatched baby animals. I loved the little calf (I named her BlueBell) and the foals. They were to die for. Rowey loved the lambs, and Danny the baby goats. We loved it, and it looked something like this...
(expect imagine a small boy named Rowan)

Went to an end of the year Ward picnic resembling this...

Then to Provo Beach Resort for the some fun with our awesome neighbors and friends. Imagine this...
(again with cute Rowan in the saddle...)

Then to swim at our friend's grandparents' indoor pool (saweeeet), and watch a movie in their theater room (even sawwweeeeter!)
Something like this...

And lastly some relaxation, and soaking up of the crisp spring weather with my boys. Views like this...

I would have had personal images of all of these events had our camera not been stolen! :( BOOO! So we also got to do this...
I am bound and determine to find it, and I WILL!!

Anyway, lots of blogging to catch up on. Until the next!


  1. Looks like lots of fun was had. Sorry about your camera, hopefully you get it back.

  2. :( at least they left the car intact! :)