Sunday, May 8, 2011


We wanted to have two parties for Rowey's Goldfish-themed FIRST birthday. Crazy, I know. I don't think we'll ever do it again. HA! Party #1 Tucson with the cuzzies. Party #2 Provo with more cuzzies and buddies. Both parties were so much fun and well worth it! We love our little buddy. Is he really one...OY VEY!! Ooooooooo kisses to infinity RoBug.

Rowey and baby E (his closest in age cuzzie).

Some of my girlies. Maris and Chels were in Tucson from far away, and Ash is chillin' and recovering to full awesomeness in Tucson!

DAaaaaaaaarcy! OOoooo love this buggy.

Had to included this one of Aunt Amy and Uncle Quint. SEXXXXXXY!

All the cuzzies!
Gavin, Eli, Aden, Rowan, Darcy, Maya, Tristan.

Me and Uncle Josh. We like to be cool!

Playing in the water table. It was a big hit!
Oliver, Daxon, Owen, Rowey, Zade, baby Macie (who was resting in the shade).

Party people chillin'. It was such a beautiful day we just sat outside for hours!!

My little fam. xo

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  1. omg! your goldfish party looks like it belongs in martha stewart magazine! i love it! i can't believe rowan is one guys are so cute :)