Friday, November 2, 2012


I really love Halloween. What better way to kick off the holiday season than dressing up and eating candy? Perfection. Rowan loved visiting his Poppa Eric and Trick or Treating with his Lamoreaux cousins this year. These kids made out, each with a bucket full of awesome candy. Ro did great going up to each house and saying TWEET (treat)...this kid has everything figured out. No tricks necessary. :) 

2012 Costumes:

Buzz Light Year

Dino baby/Rex/Dragon(what Ro called Jo)

All the Lamoreaux boos. 
(Taylor Swift, Spidey, cutest kitty ever, Batman, Princess, Dino, Buzz).
We were cracking up at how cute and funny these kids are. Gavin was especially entertaining! Anytime someone would say "Oh look it's Batman!", Gavin would lift up his mask and say "No it's me Gavin!".  Precious boy!!!


Smile! See you next year Halloween!


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