Friday, February 8, 2013

JoJo's burfday.

We made it one year! Wahoooo! We had to celebrate our sweet Jonah's first year of life, fitting of his personality, in a fun and happy way. I decided on a (sort of) balloon theme and we invited our awesome fam to join us for a little party at a park. 

The invite:

We had a ball celebrating our little boy's life and are so grateful we have our family, that we love so much, here to celebrate with us! We have built in party people for every occasion. It's awesome. And mom only had one "moment" where she thought she couldn't get it all done...pretty good! :)

The models have arrived.

Party people!

One of our games: seeing who could entertain the babies the best with bubbles! Maya got JoJo to laugh so she was the winner!

Birthday boy in his birthday hat.

He LOVED the cake.

Ro and Gavin doing what they do best; "helping" Jo with his cake! HA!

Again with the "helping"!

Party people posed as JONAH. Who would NOT want to be this cute chubby baby for a minute!?

I love them.  

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