Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Momma's special day.

I'm officially 26 and well into my mid twenties. What can I say about getting older...I LOVE IT! I truly feel that I'm growing into my grown up self: a confident, strong woman! I find myself really not caring about what others think of me too much. Maybe that's a mom thing!! Now I have to do some embarrassing mom stuff! ;)
Danny had some surprises up his sleeve for my birthday dinner. He insisted on making me food an spent forever secretively looking up recipes and going back and forth to the store. Turns out he had cafe rio up his sleeve!!! Wahoooooo. Cafe rio pork salad is my favorite meal in the world and my sweet boy did it all. He even researched the best place to buy tortillas in Tucson. How cute is that. It was amazingly delicious!!!!
The next day we went to the Cheesecake Factory with my dad and I did some birthday shopping. I had a great birthday and really felt special!


  1. Awe! That is the sweetest!!! I am so glad your b-day was special. And I admire you and your strength and confidence so much!! I love you, Miss Emma!!

  2. That's so sweet!! So glad you had a nice birthday. I'm gonna try and aspire to be more confident like you!