Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall 2012.

Well, here in AZ we haven't had fall like weather yet, but I'm still hopeful it will come. Saturday is supposed to get down to 80. Wahooooo. In order to compensate of the lack of fall weather outside, we have been doing lots of fall-like activities. We have been crafting up a storm here in the Lamoreaux casa. much crafting as a 2 year old can do!

I give you...

spooky ghosts.

(so wish I got a better picture!)

painted pumpkins.

And painted babies. 

This last craft happens to be my favorite. I obsess over this cute baby pumpkin body and had to commemorate! I tried so hard to get Ro to let me paint his belly like a pumpkin (I even bribed with a cupcake...) but he wouldn't come near me! Ha!! Who can blame him!?



  1. You can paint my belly for a cupcake! However you might have to visit to deliver the cupcake.

  2. "Crafting like real men" as Tristan would say :) So cute! Loved all these sweet posts